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Psych: The Movie Recap: Fast Times at Psychphrancisco

Its like Shawn, Gus, and the whole gang never left.   ...Read More...

Psych Series Finale Review: A Time to Resign to Maturity

The dressed-down "The Break-Up" was the perfect way to end this series, to bookend what Psych was always about: relationships between characters and a boy growing up.   Read more... //

Psych Series Finale Recap: How Did It End?

  [WARNING: This story contains major spoilers from Wednesday's series finale of Psych . Read at your own risk — and preferably with a side of pineapple!] Even a pesky multiple murder mystery couldn't deter Shawn ( James Roday ) and Gus ( Dulé Hill ) from making some major life decisions on the...   //

Psych Series Finale Review: Wave Goodbye, Say Hello

Holy crap...that was great. Those were the first words, delivered by Buzz McNab, I ever wrote about  Psych  for TV Fanatic, and they rang true as much for  Season 5 Episode 10  as they did for  Psych Season 8 Episode 10 . also known as "The Breakup." I honestly don't believe that  Psych  could have executed a series finale any better suited to the show than the one they delivered tonight. For someone who isn't a diehard, it was light on sentiment, heavy on the comedy. Read more:  //

Psych Series Finale 2014 Review “The Break-Up” – Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

In the series finale of  Psych , called “The Break-Up,” Shawn makes a life-changing decision and struggles to tell his best friend about it as they take on a new case. What can I say about the ending of this series other than it was about as perfect an ending I could have ever hoped or dreamed of. Shawn finally decided that he needed to be with Juliet and through a series of mysterious messages to an unknown person, we learned all the various ways that he tried oh, so valiantly, to tell his best friend. It was an episode that saw Shawn and Gus at their best, acting wacky and solving a case, while doing all those little things we’ve loved since the beginning of this show. I shan’t bother to list every one of those little things as they are well-documented in my favorite bits. Read More... //

Psych Review: Walk With Me

On  Psych' s penultimate episode, it was hard to tell which way was up. From zombies to cable guys,  Psych Season 8 Episode 9  was one wild ride! I have to say, coming into this hour, I was pretty certain that the "Nightmare On State Street" was going to be the fact that Psych was going to have to close its doors. We even saw it on the installment -  Brannigan is everything a crime-fighting team could need all wrapped into one person. Psych didn't get the credit for the collar, which means that's one more case they haven't been paid for. Read more:  //

Psych Season 8 Review “A Nightmare on State Street” – Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

In this episode of  Psych , Gus is having a hard time sleeping but his trip to see a sleep therapist may make things worse when his nightmares apparently become reality. Well, it’s the second to the last episode and  Psych  gave us a romp through Gus’ dreamworld. This one was a blast to watch. It felt like the writers sat down in a room and said, “Let’s reference every horror movie/TV show we ever loved, and oh yeah, let’s toss in every reference and in-joke to the show that we can.” Read More... //

Psych Season 8 Review “A Touch of Sweevil” – Outrageous Nonsensical Buffoonery

In this episode of  Psych , called “A Touch of Sweevil,” Lassie enlists Shawn and Gus’ help and allows them to go to levels of shenanigans not yet seen on this show. Oh  Psych , it’s episodes like this one that remind me how much I am going to miss you after the final two episodes have aired and there are no more Shawn and Gus adventures for me to watch. Considering everything that they’ve done on this show, from musicals to tributes to other TV shows, it’s hard to think that there would have been something we hadn’t yet seen on this series. But it turned out there was. We hadn’t yet seen Shawn and Gus not only allowed to crank their craziness up to 11, but asked to do so by Lassie. If I thought the boys were funny before, it was nothing compared to the hilarity that ensued when they purposely turned on the crazy. Read More... //

Psych Review: TEAM

With only two episode remaining,  Psych  keeps pulling out all the comedic stops, including one that had Shawn, Gus and Lassiter - of all people - working together to push another co-worker out. If social media is any indication,  Psych Season 8 Episode 8  will go down as the episode that definitively sealed the new order in the SBPD.  Read More... //

Psych Season 8 Review “Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up” – Important Milestones

In this episode of  Psych , called “Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up,” the boys are on the case of a dead food truck driver and find themselves passing a couple of important milestones along the way. We’re down to just three more episode of  Psych  (insert Gus scream of terror here) and things are really moving along in the story of the fake psychic detective and his crazy cast of cohorts. The funny in this one came from Shawn and Gus trying to operate their own food truck, called Mash & Grab, so they could help find the killer of one of their favorite food truck owners. Did they have any experience? Nope. Did that stop them from trying anyway? Not a chance. Did they come up with the  worst  best menu ever? I think so. Fruit Loop Quesadillas anyone? Read More... //