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Only joined this site to watch stuff online but it appears you can not actually do that so what it

so what is the point???


Im addicted!! this programme is the best!!!


Hey Would someone please up 512?

Brian Kinney gives a shit!

This is my all time favorite series. And I adore Brian Kinney.

Breathtaking - Heartbreaking- Groundbreaking !

I remember when I first discovered Brian Kinney, my eyes went wide, my jaw dropped and I couldnt say a word. I was so fascinated by this character and his "moves" that I couldnt stop talking about it; for months! On the surface its a story about 5 gay friends and their sex lifes in Pittsburg, but what it really is about is: integrity, forgiveness, dignity, courage, and love. The stories are subversive (lots of graphic sex scenes), real, deep, raw and meaningful. The character development is one of the best ever seen on TV, the acting is superb, the characters feel like family after a short while and they are real, thats why so many people can relate to them. The content of the stories is not mainly gay issues, its about things, we all can identitfy with. Big love and the loss of it, drug problems, defining values of life, loosing jobs, struggeling with identity, family crises, dealing with the morality of lust, finding your way in life, forgiveness, define who who really are, passion and finally making peace with yourself. I can highly recommend to watch the show if you are open minded, want to expand your horizon and watch one of the most honest and beautiful love stories of all times. This show changed my life ! What have you done today to make you feel proud ?