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Rectify Series Finale Review: “All I’m Sayin'” Is Rectify’s Fitting End

Well, it finally came. As much as I wanted it to continue forever, Rectify finally aired its series finale. "All I’m Sayin" turned out to be a perfect, beautiful, fitting end to a masterful, under-the-radar series. Every character was not vindicated or given the perfect ending, but was simply set on trajectory to reach what we all wished and hoped for each of them. Each scene was moving, and each story reached a fitting point, making for a beautiful, soft ending. This week on Rectify: The DA gets approval and re-opens the investigation into Hanna Dean’s murder. Daniel continues to make progress at the halfway house and at work, and speaks to his family to distract himself from Chloe’s departure. Ted and Teddy facilitate a clearance sale when they close out the tire store. Janet reconciles with Hanna Dean’s mother. READ MORE...

‘Rectify’ Series Finale Review: Hope, If Not Yet Happiness

In the past, the best example of why awards like the Emmys and the Golden Globes don’t matter as an indicator of great TV was The Wire, which may be the greatest series of all time and one of the most important social documents of the 2000s. Yet it was also, notably, never won a major award, and was only nominated twice (for writing). Rectify has had a similar story — it won a Peabody, but has never even been nominated in any category by any major award giver — though will not likely have the kind of popular resurgence The Wire did. But it should not be forgotten, because it too is among the gold standard of television series. It was one of the first in a new wave of Slow TV, and (crucially, in my opinion) of TV shows set in the South that dispensed with stereotypes. It told a story that was achingly real with a beautiful, thoughtful style and meditative tone. And though the advent of its series finale has been distressing to its dozens of fans (I say with only mild hyperbole), what creator Ray McKinnon gifted to us, and to Daniel, was much-needed hope for what’s next for these beloved characters. READ MORE...

Rectify Series Finale Recap: The Trickier Cousin of Hope Who Got Closure?

Sundances Rectify came to a fitting, final close late Wednesday night, capping its four-season run with 110 minutes of what it has done best. I am in no position to recount the entire, extended series finale, but I did want to offer the fine dramas fans a place to weigh in on how it all [] //

Rectify Series Finale Recap: For the Good Guys

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Rectify Recap: Always, Daniel

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Rectify Review: “Physics” Builds Toward A Dramatic Conclusion

I can’t believe there are only two more weeks of new Rectify episodes until there are none, ever again. While last week’s episode was wrought with hope and positive changes for most of the main crew, this week was their "equal and opposite" reaction (Physics….get it?). Emotions were running high as each character began to deal with their issues, some in more productive ways than others. Either way, Rectify remains compelling as ever as its final season winds to a close. This week on Rectify: Teddy begins to spiral as his future, both personally and professionally, becomes more uncertain. Jon Stern and Amantha see each other for the first time since Jon left. Daniel and Ted Sr. clear the air, and Ted Sr. goes on a side trip while Janet visits with Daniel and Chloe. Tawney visits the home of her patient after he passes. Jon Stern approaches the district attorney with his plans to help Daniel. READ MORE...

Rectify Recap: Glasses in the Locker

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Rectify Review: It’s Finally Time To “Go Ask Roger”

This week’s episode of Rectify combined everything I love about the show. It combined their realistic, true-to-life, beautiful scenes with some delicious tidbits for all of us conspiracy theorists that are just SO sure that Daniel Holden has never committed a crime (well, except perjury, but I digress). "Go Ask Roger" had just about everything I could want in a Rectify episode, and it made me extremely sad that we’re on the home stretch. This week on Rectify: Janet, Ted and Teddy meet with the attorney who puts in an offer on the tire store, but it’s more complicated than they think. Janet catches Jared selling his stuff online. Amantha and Billy go on a hunting date. Daniel spends the day with Chloe. Tawney desperately tries to help an old man at work. Jon Stern continues poking around and asking questions, including to Trey Willis. READ MORE...

Rectify Recap: Holden Back the Years

Any character touched by Hannahs death will never feel fully unburdened.   ...Read More... //

Rectify Review: The Tires They Are A-Changin’

Every time I watch a new episode, I get sadder and sadder that Rectify is ending. Everything about Rectify feels so real and genuine, it’s like I’m watching real life play out. The acting is so nuanced and realistic, and I will sorely miss watching this show when it ends in just a few short weeks. This week on Rectify: Amantha reconnects with an old friend. Teddy officially moves into Amantha’s apartment and meets Melvin. Daniel has a new roommate at the halfway house, and goes to a party put on by the art gallery. A company calls Janet, wanting to make an offer to purchase the tire store. Jon Stern comes back to town and confronts Sheriff Daggett about the new evidence that emerged. Tawney contemplates divorce. READ MORE...