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Revenge Spoiler: Will Daniel Grayson Go to the Dark Side?

Prior to Emily Thorne's descent on East Hampton, Daniel Grayson had spent the majority of his privileged life looking through rose-colored glasses. A Harvard grad with a promising finance career in the making, the future couldn't have appeared any brighter for The Hamptons' handsomest blue blood. But all that changed when Emily stepped into the picture, exposing his family's secrets one vicious takedown at a time. Now, Daniel's once-squeaky clean reputation is tarnished by a first-degree... //

Revenge Spoiler: Is Sammy the Dog Going to Die?

You better stock up on aloe vera tissues, Revenge fans. If Episode 21: "Grief" lives up to its ominous title, you might be cashing in your bereavement days. According to the official show synopsis, former childhood sweethearts Emily Thorne and Jack Porter develop an even stronger bond when they experience a "painful loss." And cue Sarah McLachlan. See what we're getting at? Just think about it: Sammy is like, at least 119 in dog years, and we haven't really seen much of him in recent... //

Revenge “Absolution” Episode 19

Revenge  "Absolution" Episode 19 airs Wednesday  May 2 at 10pm on ABC. Synopsis:  The impending release of Daniel has everyone on edge as the press grows more and more hostile; the SEC begin their investigation on Grayson Global; and Emily discovers a new photo taken of her father  on the day of his death, leading her to more clues about how he died — and also to a mystery woman and an ominous new target — on "Revenge," WEDNESDAY, MAY 2 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //  

Revenge Songs: Music From Season 1, Episode 18, "Justice"

Check out the song list from Revenge Season 1, Episode 18, "Justice" and download select tracks from iTunes! 1. "No Black Clouds for Dee Dee - Unreleased" by Crocodile Nolan gets a call from Jack 2. "Wiliamdzi - Unreleased " by Devendra Banhart Victoria and Dominik talk in his loft 3. "Don't Know How You Do It" by Imperial Teen Charlotte tries to change Declan's mind   Source: ABC Music Lounge //

TV ratings: 'American Idol' steady while 'Don't Trust the B----' falls

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, April 25, 2012"American Idol's" performance show Wednesday mostly held steady this week, easily winning the night of FOX in both the 18-49 demographic and overall viewers. ABC's "Don't Trust the B--- in Apt. 23," meanwhile, fell quite a bit in its third week."Revenge" was also down a bit this week for ABC, though it won the most viewers and the 18-49 demo in its time slot.FOX brought in 16.48 million viewers and a 10.0 rating/16 share in households for the night. CBS was a much more distant second place with 7.9 million (5.1/8). ABC came in third with 5.6 million viewers (3.7/6), while NBC (4.8 million, 3.2/5) finished fourth. The CW trailed with 908,000 viewers and a 0.6/1.FOX dominated the 18-49 demographic with a 4.6 rating. CBS finished second with a 1.9, narrowly edging out ABC, which had a 1.8. NBC got a 1.2, and The CW finished with a... //

'Revenge' 1.19 Preview: Daniel Freed From Jail, Declan Accused of a Setup

Victoria wants full immunity in exchange of information she is about to give, while Emily is held at gunpoint by an elder woman. //

'Revenge' Star Connor Paolo on Daniel's Trial: 'Someone's Gonna Have Their Life Destroyed' (Video)

  After months of anticipation,  Revenge  fans will finally go inside the courtroom for the trial of Daniel Grayson ( Josh Bowman ) -- where  Connor Paolo ’s character Declan Porter will take the stand as one of the key witnesses in the murder of Tyler Barrol ( Ashton Holmes ). "Someone’s gotta go under the bus," Paolo told  The Hollywood Reporter  during a recent visit to the  THR Cover Lounge. "He has to decide whether it’s going to be his brother, his girlfriend or her brother. No matter what he does, whether he keeps silent, whether he speaks up, and regardless of what he says, someone’s going down." Read More... //

Revenge: Emilys manipulation brings Daniels dark side back to the surface

This week's episode of "Revenge" time-jumps ahead several months to Daniel's December murder trial -- and a lot has happened to our Hamptons favorites in the interim months. The time at home hasn't been good to Daniel, and when we find him again this week, he's suspicious of Emily, he's drinking again, and he decides that lurking creepily is a good reason to break the conditions of his house arrest.Seeing Daniel get violent with Emily is jarring to viewers -- particularly when we think back on the pilot and the guy we first met on the boat. He'd had his dark days, yes, but he seemed to be getting his life together when Emily entered the picture. After falling for her, his entire world came crashing down.She's manipulated him and lied to him, and now he's lashing out at her -- looks like these two may be just plain bad news for each other.And then... //

Revenge “Justice” Episode 18

Revenge  "Justice" Episode 18  airs Wednesday  April 18 at 10pm on ABC. Synopsis :  Whether or not she intended it to happen, Victoria’s pawns are caught in  the middle  of an insidious cover-up and have to pay the ultimate price when Emily discovers the identity of the mysterious man who murdered her father. Meanwhile, Declan’s testimony marks the beginning of the end of his relationship with a self-destructive Charlotte, on "Revenge," WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //  

Top Moments: A Larger-Than-Life Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mad Men's Hilarious Fisticuffs

Our top moments of the week: 13. Most Frustrating Finale: After Ringer kept us hanging for the entire season, waiting for estranged twins Siobhan and Bridget to reunite, the twisty drama ends things with a mere close call. Ruthless gangster Bodaway finds "Bridget," who is actually Siobhan, and tries to kill her. And just when Siobhan, who has been trying to off her sister for months, appears doomed, Bridget arrives — gun conveniently in hand — to save the day. However, Bridget never sees Siobhan, mistaking her for her stepdaughter Juliet. And if the show's small audience is any indication, she never will. Read More... //