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Ripper Street Season 2 Review “Our Betrayal – Part II”

I am glad there will be a third season of  Ripper Street , because if the series had ended with this week’s episode, I would’ve been extremely unhappy. As it is, I’m disappointed that we only got eight meager episodes. There should have been at least five more. Before I complain too bitterly, at least there will be more episodes in the future. We start with Drake standing in the rain with the body of Hinchliffe. Drake is in a state of personal crisis. The force that compelled him to bring the body to the police station is the same force that wants to resume his work fighting crime. The other side of him, however, is not eager to return. He sees the system – even Reid’s version of it – as corrupt and misguided. This second view is confirmed when Reid asks him to interrogate Werner. Read More... //

Ripper Street Season 2 Review “Our Betrayal – Part I”

This week’s episode of  Ripper Street  contained a major turning point for nearly every character. Drake had to decide if he could put aside his emotional damage to return to his police work. Long Susan faced the decision on whether to trust Jackson or compromise herself. Reid and Miss Cobden fought their desires for one another. Most significantly, one of Reid’s men had to choose where his loyalties lie. One of the most significant developments is the discovery that Flight is not who he seems. We learn that he is aligned with Inspector Shine, Reid’s nemesis from the K Division. Shine placed Flight in H Division to alert him if Inspector Reid ever poses a threat. His duplicity comes into sharp focus when he’s called upon to investigate the claims of a jeweler who has been swindled out of some valuable jewels. Flight quickly learns that the thief is under Shine’s protection. This was a shocking revelation that is truly disappointing. He seemed so eager to become a valuable member of Reid’s team, but it was all subterfuge. Read More... //

Ripper Street Season 2 Review “A Stronger Loving World”

This week’s  Ripper Street  starts out looking like a battle is brewing between London’s Christian and Jewish communities. A church is burned. A synagogue is vandalized. Reid isn’t sure where to start looking for the culprits until he finds leaflets circulating through White Chapel that advocate hate crimes against the two religious groups and the Irish. While the backdrop of this episode is the religious conflict, the main story revolves around Drake and his wife, Bella. As we saw last week, Bella has a past that she has kept from Drake. We know that Drake also has a past, his relationship with Rose, which he can’t entirely shake. We start with Drake finding an upset Rose in an alley. As usual, Rose bemoans her lot in life and Drake tries to comfort her. When Drake returns home, he finds that Bella is missing. Read More... //

Ripper Street Season 2 Review “Threads of Silk and Gold”

This week’s  Ripper Street  took viewers into the secretive world of homosexual prostitution and international investment speculation. The episode incorporates facts and ideas from the Cleveland Street scandal of 1889 and the events leading to the Panic of 1890. We begin with two telegram men, Vincent and David, fantasizing about how the will spend money they receive from their extortion plot. They have stolen a folio of documents from a Barings Bank employee, Quint, and are demanding payment for its return. They believe the documents are valuable enough that Quint will pay whatever they ask. They don’t know that Quint has enlisted a hired thug, who we later find out works for the bank’s manager, to retrieve the documents. Read More... //

Ripper Street Season 2 Review “Dynamite and a Woman”

This week’s  Ripper Street  began with the death of a police officer who was taking an imprisoned Irishman to the gallows. Someone pays a kid to give the convict, Aidan, the keys to the wagon. This unleashes a whole lot of trouble and stirs up the conflict between Londoners and the Irish. Jackson starts by trying to determine the manner of the officer’s death. He doesn’t find any bullet holes, blows to the head, or any other sign of physical trauma. Jackson doesn’t even find anything after an autopsy. It would be awfully convenient, though, if the officer had just keeled over from natural causes. After a time, Jackson figures out that the death was caused by an electrical shock to the head that stopped the officer’s heart. Read More... //

Ripper Street Review Season 2 Episode 3 “Becomeman”

I’m jumping back into  Ripper Street  now that it’s been resurected for a third season. Prior to the reprieve, I hadn’t planned on tuning in because I hate to be invested in characters that I know will be disappearing. Thankfully, that’s no longer an issue, so let’s get into it. In 1888, a group of women protested poor working conditions at a match factory. One if their complaints was that working with white phosphorus caused the condition phossy jaw. The workers suffered from necrosis of the jaw, which would result in organ failure and brain damage. Our story picks up after the strike and focuses on a group of disenfranchised women who are either former match girls or otherwise downtrodden. Their charismatic leader comes up with a plan to exact revenge for her sister, who died of phossy jaw. She organizes a kidnapping of the men she holds responsible. Read More... //

'Ripper Street' Season 2 premiere recap: Jedediah Shine poses a threat to Reid

The second (and possibly final) season of "Ripper Street" came to life Saturday (Feb. 22) on BBC America. While the show has already aired overseas on the BBC, this is the first change U.S. viewers have had to see it.The Season 2 premiere beings when a sergeant from a neighboring district is hurled out the window of a boarding house, landing viciously on a fence post. Upon inspecting the apartment he was tossed from, Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) finds morphine and a connection to Chinatown. The injured sergeant's life is saved, and he begins recuperation in the hospital.While investigating it's discovered that legalized opium is being made into heroin, powering the drug trade in Chinatown. That's where Detective Inspector Jedediah Shine (Joseph Mawle) comes in. as he works with the injured sergeant. It's eventually revealed that he's connected to the drug trade as well, through a Chinese immigrant named Blush Pang who seems... //

Ripper Street Season 1 Review “What Use Our Work”

On last week’s Ripper Street, Captain Jackson’s former Pinkerton colleague set him up as the murderer of a prostitute. It seemed from the preview that the season finale was going to focus on clearing Jacksons name and quelling public panic over the return of Jack the Ripper. In an interesting twist, neither of these turned out to be the case. The police station is still grieving at the loss of Hobbs. In an incredibly touching scene, the policemen come together in a bar to mourn their fallen colleague. Drake, a man typically quick to show anger or toughness, is overwhelmed with emotion and stands before them with tears in his eyes. He is angry, though, at Inspector Reid, who he thinks is out of touch with the lives and concerns of his men. For his part, Reid is equally affected by Hobbs’ death, but realizes that he never took the time to get to know Hobbs when he was alive. For example, he didn’t know Hobbs was married. READ MORE...

Ripper Street Season 1 Review “A Man Of My Company”

It’s reckoning time for Captain Jackson on this week’s Ripper Street. We’ve gotten clues along the way that Jackson isn’t what he seems, and that he and Long Susan have a past life that they’d rather forget. When an American businessman, Theodore Swift, shows up in town with a gang of Pinkertons, it’s no surprise that they’re intent on tracking down Jackson and Long Susan. The intrigue of the week begins with a ship engineer, Fanthorpe, murdered and dropped in the Thames. His company is poised to introduce a new type of marine engine that will give it a competitive edge in the steam liner industry. Everyone believes that now that Fanthorpe is dead, the company is finished. Swift wants to keep it that way so that his own company may benefit from the lack of competition. Thus, he is less than thrilled to learn that the mind behind the innovative engine is not the dead engineer – it is his wife. READ MORE...

Ripper Street Season 1 Review “Tournament of Shadows”

A strike of dock workers spirals out of control and becomes an excuse for murder on this week’s Ripper Street . This is no ordinary labor dispute or murder, however. To discover the killer, Reid must chase the shadows  of political intrigue, double agents, and ideological agendas. From previous episodes, we know that Whitechapel is the area of London  where the less fortunate resided in the latter part of the 19th century. The area was also a draw for emigrants fleeing persecution in Eastern Europe and for Russian and German extremists. Fueled by socialist ideals and desire for fair pay, the workers’ anger resulted in the London Dock Strike of 1889. This is the background for this week’s intrigue. READ MORE...