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i bloody love this show. its still one of my favorite shows now im 16. lol. its a really good show to watch on an early Saturday or Sunday morning, when you have nothing else to do. just something to bring back all the memories of watching it when i was a little boy. It is a classic and always will be. i have nearly all of the episodes on VCR (lol), and a couple of dvd's, and i am most definitely going to make my kids watch them. #1 Rupert Fan!


I love this show! I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid. It's a good show! ^^

Rupert in Dreamland

This episode is by far the best Rupert episode ever! I used to watch Rupert all the time on YTV and when they cancelled it, I was pretty upset. Only recently I have been trying to find Rupert episodes to watch. I just want to thank whoever put this episode up because it has really made my day.

Rupert Bear

i dont know what imk doing but here goes... Rupert bear is one of the best tv shows out there for little children i used to watch it when i was a little kid, and i still watch it now that im 15, lol. i thought that i had watched every episode but thanks to this wonderful site i can now watch every single episode in order. i will try and edit this page and make it really good, add pics and do loads of fixing and stuff.