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Samurai Girls Episode #09 Anime Review

The tension among the girls has been amusing as of late now that they've figured out what Muneakira creates through the pact and allowing them to become master samurai's upon kissing. There's a need to get the rest of the team on board with things and kiss him so they can be prepared for when Sen's older brother Yoshihiko arrives back from France. This is problematic since there are plenty of social issues with requesting a kiss even in this form. Gisen however has the best idea in that he should just demand the kisses because of his position and be done with it. Having her offer up her entire body for kiss practice is the icing on the cake. Everything is all done in good fun at first, but things start turning more serious when Gisen determines that playtime is over and makes a drastic change to Muneakira's personality in order to further her own plans. Even worse is that there are people attacking the dojo and surrounding area in order to secure what Gisen is doing. It's intriguing that she's got a lot more planned here on her part but was willing to let the charade go on for awhile where Muneakira could kiss them one by one to make the pact. But events are moving forward in a way that really requires more assertive action in order to serve her general. And we get the really interesting revelation that if Gisen makes a pact with Muneakira, it'll eliminate the one he has with Jubei and return her to another state. Read More

Samurai Girls Episode #08 Anime Review

The threat facing the girls in the form of Sen's older brother is growing and they've come to the point where they have to make some serious decisions. He's due back in a week from Paris and both Sen and Sanada have decided that they need to be fully committed to dealing with what's coming their way. So they inform the rest of the girls that if they don't want to be involved, they need to get out of the dojo as they'll be in danger otherwise and they can't deal with any distractions. Of course, to fully participate they have to go through the kiss process with Muneakira since they need as many people as they can with the powers that come from said kiss. With some of them being fairly stressed about this whole aspect for a bit, the three non-kissed girls have to figure out just how far they want to go. It's an interesting problem to have and there's a lot of cuteness in watching Naoe in particular trying to decide which embarrassment is more difficult for her to suffer through. There's some basic societal issues going on there, but the jealousies rage as well. Which gets even worse when yet another woman literally drops down from the sky just like Jubei did. Yet this girl, with an eye-patch, has Jubei up in arms and being much more forceful than usual that she must absolutely not kiss her, even though the situation seems perfectly ripe for it. Read More

Samurai Girls Episode #07 Anime Review

Samurai Girls doesn't exactly deviate much from a certain realm of predictability since it is just an action harem show, simply in a really neat setting with some great visuals. With the seventh episode of the series, Naoe now finds herself living with the rest of them and doing her best to become a part of the group. Her presence isn't exactly welcome but there's enough positive about her, especially with Jubei excited to have someone new in the residence, that it all sort of just works out with less talking. It also doesn't hurt that Sen is now a master samurai so she's got some skills to back it all up. With the retrieval of information from the vacation house, it's really not a surprise that there isn't all that much truly useful in there in a way since it's recorded with the voice of someone who is not Sen's brother. Yet it is someone that Jubei knows, she just doesn't know who, she just knows that the voice is familiar to her. With her having few useful memories in general, it's definitely a help but one that does lead to the usual gags and punch lines at Jubei's expense. Not that she really realizes it, which is thankfully part of her charm. Watching how the group has formed is an area where it hasn't deviated from the norm, but it's the style through which they do it that makes this work as well as it does. While the episode does spend some time on a nice bit of reflection on a young Sen, it's more focused on a surprise shadowy attack on everyone late into the evening, which means their guard is down and some are in the bath. Always bathing. Not that I'm complaining. With some in the group already down for the count, the action is pretty nicely done but it's all geared towards one thing, and that's to get Hanzo set up to become a master samurai as well as she's the only one who can target the enemy because of the weather conditions. It's an amusing turn of events, but I liked that they kept it serious for the most part with the humor because of the situation, rather than making jokes and being light about it. It keeps to the serious nature of what's happening and reflects that these are skilled women in combat, even if they are damn sexy and show it off. Source Here

Samurai Girls Episode #06 Anime Review

With a show like this, I was very much expecting some sort of beach episode to arrive but I was more curious as to the how of it. That part is rather amusing as Sen indicates to Muneakira that the secrets they're looking for, the ones that could paint the picture of what her older brother is up to, may be located on a computer in his beach residence that he visits every now and then. So Sen decides that she and Muneakira will head there to check it out, though she's more packed for a full on vacation than anything else and he's the perfect pack mule. Of course, these two can't get out of their residence without alerting the others, which means they aren't going to get to go with just the two of them. Cause what a beach episode needs is more women who don't seem to care for clothes that much. Naturally, a good deal of this episode focuses on the actual fun at the beach. And that means swimsuits of all kinds and a lot of trouble for Muneakira even if he doesn't realize it. Any time he spends with one will have the rest thinking that what they're wearing is what he likes. There's a nice bit of variety here that's fairly well themed for each, but in the end they're all naturally attractive. On the plus side, there is the surprising outright admittance during the start of the first real fight that the reason they're fighting is because of him. Something that Muneakira doesn't quite get at first, but when you have the whole kiss episode earlier combined with this it just goes to all kind of amusing places, such as his talk of marriage and even the really amusing (and only) way to resolve all the tensions is a group marriage. While the actual investigation side does get a bit of lipservice with a scene showing Sen trying to discover what she can about the 'Great shadow' that will overtake Japan, the episode is by and large plain silly sexy fun. The various girls all get into different kinds of fights over Muneakira and other issues and there's even a hilarious scene involving Muneakira getting into the men's bath only to have Hanzo drop in from above when she can't hold out any longer and stay in place. Her dream sequence before she falls is dirty anime at its best, but it all moves things forward to a time when, for reasons best left not diagnosed, a giant squid style shikigami arrives and causes widespread issues for the girls, both of a serious and naughty nature. What continues to impress though is that Muneakira doesn't just stand by impotently when the girls start fighting each other but rather he puts them in their place. It's not the first time and each he does it I like him even more as a character. It's a nice change from the usual pliant and easily manipulated male leads we get. Read More

Samurai Girls Episode #05 Anime Review

With Muneakira and his group getting a bit more notice these days, the powers that be are becoming more interested in events there and have sent in a new player to keep an eye on things and report back. Enter Naoe, an outgoing young country samurai who has a dislike of Sanada from the past because of how she was treated by her as a child. That sort of rivalry is still very much there and it doesn't take much for Naoe to get under Sanada's skin, especially when it comes to talking about physical attributes. It's almost like an explosion that's about to hit and it's amusing watching everyone else react to it as they try to ensure their safety, knowing that there is no way to stop Sanada once she's set to blow. After the last episodes big kiss extravaganza, things do seem to be a bit more settled down this time around even with Naoe's introduction. It's pretty cute overall but definitely part of the familiar harem pattern. There's some good fun after all of it though as we see Sen thinking heavily about the kissing aspect and having quite the little evening dream about it in the bath. Having Jubei discover it all is even worse, but it's interesting to see that Jubei is able to just sit right next to her in the end and strike up a conversation about kissing. Sen's been kind of off-putting and aloof from the start but Jubei's able to really get in there and be friendly with her in a way that makes Sen unsure of herself, giving in to the course of discussion with no ability to control or direct it. While the situation does get set up for your basic and expected battle, and we get so far as to have challenges issued and accepted even, it doesn't quite go that far as it centers more about love and friendship. For Muneakira, it's a curious situation since he wants to know why he has this ability to unlock higher abilities in others and particularly in this fashion. What it all leads to is a really good transformation sequence for one of the girls who does get her kiss, which naturally includes a good bit of (obscured) nudity to it, and the power levels are all raised a few notches because of it. As a method of getting the kiss, it's done pretty well and there are some nice sentiments expressed about it. Source Here: //

Samurai Girls Episode #04 Anime Review

With events settling down a touch after the first three episodes, the girls have determined that while Jubei is definitely dangerous, she's not evil. In fact, there is an agreed upon belief that she's definitely a samurai, which is still something that surprises them, but the dispute now falls on how she's become like she is. The focus is on Muneakira and the way she seems to have become as powerful as she was and set off from the kiss from him. Though there is an element that doesn't quite believe this, overall there's the idea that it's worth pursuing, though Muneakira is forbidden from kissing Jubei. Others are weighing the idea of getting a little liplock with him though in order to unleash their potential. Much of the episode focuses on the silly side as the debate goes on and attempts at learning how to kiss are made, mostly from books and talking it out with others. But once the determination has been made to kiss Muneakira to see if it'll grant an increase in ability, Sanada makes quite a few attempts at it, all to poor results it comical throughout. The student council has made their decree pretty clear and Muneakira isn't exactly chomping at the bit to kiss anyone so there's a lot of back and forth to be made over it. There's a bit of a touch on social issues with it, which is not a surprise, but they miss a bit of an opportunity to show a bit more of how social norms are different under this timeline where Tokugawa has retained power. You get some flavor of it, but they could have gone into it a bit more. The back and forth of it all is fun and it's good to see the way Sanada is getting a bit closer to Muneakira as she does her best to kiss him. Of course, with a show like this, they do take things up a few notches with the unbelievable sexuality of it, including a scene with Sanada and Muneakira naked and pressed against each other and it's very amusing to watch how her feelings are throughout it. The mixture of the main story and the open sexuality works rather well, though I can see it easily throwing off some folks who would prefer it to be a bit less overt, but that's what this show has been like from almost the start. As it deals with the core story idea, it's kind of cute and hints at what's to come by doing it in a silly and fun way while allowing the group to define itself a little bit better with its war against the Student Council. Source Here

Samurai Girls Episode #02 Anime Review

There's something to be said for a show that opens up with action. It's something that even with the big name action shows that we don't see all too often as they either want to recap or do a little character drama. Samurai Girls opens up its second episode right into the fight against Yagyu and it delights in a way that feels just right. The first episode of the series gave us a really neat design to it with the characters, backgrounds and the overall use of the heavy line work as well as copious amounts of fanservice. Add in a really interesting setting and it has a lot going for it, if it can rise up above being all about the fanservice and action and give that proper hook to make it richer. And to be able to sustain it. Yagyu and her skills give rise to the claim that she may be a master samurai, something that there aren't all that many of and none that aren't under the control of the Tokugawa. The opening fight really is nicely intense and powerful overall, especially as lives are threatened and Muneakira is able to alter things simply by his force of presence and voice, though that hints at larger things about him. His arrival has certainly thrown the school into a spin and his meeting with Princess Sen Tokugawa only adds to that since it points to the kinds of connections he has to the others. Though it's not exactly a completely friendly relationship the two have as he almost ends up with her spear through his head at one point. Read More Click Me!

the end???

Thats it...wait no! There has to be a part 7. they cant leave it hanging like that!!

ep. 6, the last??

I love this show! But is episode 6 the last one? I really wanted it to be more episodes! And there's nothing about any releases for new episodes? :(

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