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Samurai Jack: "Xciii" Review

Samurai Jack capitalizes on the excellent season premiere and keeps the momentum going with a tense and shocking chapter that truly takes Jack to a place we’ve never seen before. But before things got as heavy as they did, we finally get a chance to catch up with Aku after his absence in the first episode. Aku explains just why Jack can’t get back to the past (he destroyed the time portals) and why Jack can’t age (a side effect of time travel), and it’s a surprise to see that Aku feels tortured by this situation because he can’t just wait for Jack to get old and die, making Jack forever a thorn in his side. The scene sees Aku makes a copy of himself to be his own psychologist, a nice bit of humor to keep the show balanced and true to its roots. You might have noticed that Aku’s voice sounds a bit different. Beloved voice actor Mako Iwamatsu passed away in 2006, so now Greg Baldwin has taken on the role. (Baldwin is the same voice actor who took over voicing Uncle Iroh on The Legend of Korra after Mako’s passing.) If you haven’t watched Samurai Jack since it last aired over a decade ago, then you might not even notice, as Baldwin does an admirable job capturing the essence of Aku’s deep, stressed, overly outraged tones. That said, there’s still a small something missing, an inimitable energy and flair that Mako always brought to the character, so Aku’s comedic beats don’t land quite like they used to. READ MORE...

‘Samurai Jack’ Season 5 Review: A Bold and Brutal Finish to a Beloved Series

Samurai Jack fans haven’t had it easy. It was September 25, 2004 when the Season 4 finale saw the warrior reuniting a lost infant with its mother before walking off towards the horizon, continuing his pursuit of the shapeshifting demon Aku — only he didn’t. That day became the unexpected series finale, and the following years weren’t that much kinder to viewers. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky was able to keep hope alive that he would one day revisit Samurai Jack with a movie, but it seemed trapped in development hell. Now, Jack is back in the form of a 10-episode fifth season that’ll finally give fans the conclusion they’ve been aching for. But compared to what viewers have been through, Jack himself has had it much, much worse. An image is worth a thousand words, and the frames in Samurai Jack have always had a tendency to knock you on your ass. They’re bold, they’re evocative, they tell stories, they are frozen moments in time. So even without the new season’s brief logline, we need only look at the opening image of the trailer to get a sense of what’s been happening in Jack’s world: the samurai is standing at the edge of a cliff, with only his shadowed silhouette visible from a distance as the wind tosses back his un-cinched hair. He stares into the crashing waves below, despaired. READ MORE...

The Return of Samurai JackIs Everything You Wanted, and So Much More

When Adult Swim announced it would be bringing back Genndy Tartakovskys beloved animated scifi series Samurai Jack for one last season, many fans expected to see a show that would give them a darker , more violent Jack. The new season does give us that darker hero, but not in the way you might have expected. Its ...Read More... //

Veep: Veep Season 5, Episode 5: The New Face

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