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Song at the end of the "Sleepers" episode?

Does anybody know the song at the end of the "Sleepers" episode, when Tesla & Magnus are talking & drinking wine? Thanks :)


Is it just me or have the graphics to this show become completely horrible, I mean they used to be OK, but now even the muzzle flashes suck, it looks like they did it with windows media player.

Oh no - Ashley....

I felt throughout the first season that Ashley was a rather weak character, a little cliche if you will. So I'm a bit disappointed that she would appear to be one of the principal storylines for season 2! SPOILERS - IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN EPISODE 1 DON'T READ ON PLEASE............................................. I thought the whole Ashley combination vamp/airshifter/and any other 'powers' we can think of, was a terrible idea. The nails, the eyes, the healing powers. Groan. Another indestructible monster. Who cares?

Season 2

I'm wondering if anyone knows when the second season is scheduled to premiere? I have checked on the Sci-Fi site several times, but no mention of a date. Since last year the network paired Stargate Atlantis and Sanctuary, I figure there is a chance they would do the same with the new Stargate Universe. However, I've heard the premiere of SGU got pushed back to October, which would seem far too long to hold back for the second season of Sanctuary. I am assuming it would start airing sometime during the summer? With the way the first season ended, I'm starting to get a little impatient to find out what happens next!


can any one enlighten me on what episode and season we are supposed to be on on sanctuary because the link that is posted for season 1 episode 12 does not seem to work for very long and there is a season 2 posted even though there is not a link iam very confused


just watched the latest episode of sanctury can this show get any better i hope so its one of the best shows going i cant wait till the next episode