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season 3 finale

i wont reveal any spoilers but this was definitely the best episode to date! i absolutely loved it, it was perfect! i can't wait until the next season...there is going to be another one right?

Natasha gone mad

Billie Piper is hilarious when she pretends to be a Russian?? Bond villain. She reminds me of Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Belle and Billie

I heard about an episode that was an interview or something like that between Belle and Billie Piper. Anyone know about this and how to get it? So far no links.

secret diary of a call girl

i was going to watch secret diary of a call girl from monday when i started to watch it i had seen it the week before somehow last week's show was put back up on the play lists so be careful everything is not what it seems

Economic Crisis Hits Entertainment Industry

Lately my attention has been drawn to the fact that the US' economic crunch is affecting the entertainment industry, and how it's been affected. We see the proof in the budget cuts made to keep shows like Chuck on the air. This isn't the only example though. Instead of creating new shows, networks have taken to purchasing shows created and viewed in other countries. NBC's The Listener has practically gone around the world already. Their other new series premiering in June, Merlin , was filmed and viewed previously in the UK. ABC Family's Sophie recently ended it's stint on CBC (Canada), and Secret Diary of a Call Girl was filmed in the UK and began airing on Showtime a year after it started on ITV2 (UK). Do you feel that buying shows from other countries and showing them in the US works? Or is this just another way that the country is losing money by not filming and creating shows here?

ain't season 3

This is not season 3 people this is just season 2 getting on air in the States get your fact straights

season three

i just want to make it known that season three is really season 2 some how it was input wrong. they are only now showing season 2 in the us.


Doesn't anyone have a link to the episode 1 of season 3? Thank you:)

Is this show done?

From what I gathered from the last episode, it doesn't seem like the series as a whole is going to continue. If this is true, then that's sad. They ended it too quickly.

New Episodes

Does anyone know if there are going to be any new episodes on soon?