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This Shark Tank has Teeth, Big Ones

Many people are obviously going to draw a lot of similarities from this to the English Dragons Den, probably the one that started it off in the form it is now known for, but it didn't always start that way...in the beginning it actually started in Japan as a way to simply beg for money; no equity was even considered and this version has changed almost as much as it has evolved since those early days... Of course the American version is bigger, brighter, more lavish and of course the sums of money discussed are much higher on average compared to the norm as well as the equity demanded but the sharks have teeth, if they don't like an idea or person they won't pull any punches, you will know in no uncertain terms. Maybe the problem this show has most of all though from the tried and tested format is how the producers expect their viewers to be a bunch of idiots; preferring to hear more about someone loving their family or how they were in the marines (who cares??!) as well as having to be told constantly by the commentator what exactly is going on, including being reminded 2 seconds after hearing it directly from the sharks that 2 dragons telling the person in front of them that "They're Out" means that only 3 are left...almost as if people are too stupid to be able to count without help. Rather than getting into the fine detail of how their business actually works and then getting straight to the arguing about how they can best take everything brought to them on a plate it seems almost dumbed down way too much where we have to hear a load of irrelevent back story....we don't care, just bring in the lamb chops and let us decide on business merit alone. Obviously it is going to have some teething problems, obviously things are done differently in the states but only time will tell if it can survive; especially when it is simply reminiscent of a feeding frenzy at chow time :/ I will be watching avidly to see what happens for one simply because the premise is too good to miss but first time watchers are recommended to watch another countries version before this at any time, simply because they actually get on with it.