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Heart thumping action and sounds of rock open the curtains to true romance that would drive any adult into tears! These young stars are admitted to the high school only for the elites where they conquer with their rock spirits and their exceptional looks. These boys live in a small rundown village hidden behind the multi-million won worth palaces of Gangnam where only the nation's top 1% live. This is a story of five boys who were forced to attend a school only for the elites because of a new city plan to build more luxury apartments for the rich. As expected their lives were never comfortable in this new setting. The discrimination was a given in addition to the inhumane treatment from the teachers and the bullying from the rich students. The continued abuse is growing the dark spirits within these five boys. But they have one way to escape from everything..and it's music. Instead of turning to their parents, they turn up the volume to their music, playing their instruments while creating a whole new world that they are comfortable in. The reason they continue with their lives is because of music. In turn, music is what will makes these boys shine and glimmer. They capture the attention of the entire school and the town with their beautiful looks and lively sounds but the elites are not pleased with such presence among their lifestyle..

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