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60 minutes

A crime thriller about the lives of forensic doctors solving murder cases for the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, Sign has been touted as the 'Korean C.S.I'. Go Da Kyung (played by Kim Ah Joong) is a new, young and eager investigator who gets partnered with the veteran forensic doctor, Yoon Ji Hoon (played by veteran Park Shin Yang). This odd couple clashes at first due to their different personalities and styles of investigation, but later develop a unique and complex relationship. They must work with and against Jung Woo Jin (Uhm Ji Won, from The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry), a ruthless prosecutor who uses their findings for her own ends, and an impetuous police officer, Choi Yi Han (Jung Gyu Woon), as they uncover and solve different cases using only their knowledge and science. Eventually, they come across a mystery that involves more than just them and the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, and they must stake everything they have on the line for truth and justice. Sign broke through the scene with high ratings that has only been increasing every week, as it captivated viewers with its unique storytelling and complex characters.

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