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did doomsday kill clarck

am kinda confuse because in the begining of the episode the leagion of super hear cam (aka... cosmic boy) he said " tommrow is the day you die'' and at the end of the episode clarck said" clarck kent is dead and all of the sudent he went invinsible

is there a season 9?

im sure i heard a while back that because the actor who plays lex quit there wouldnt be another season? is this true? if not then when will next season start? anyone know?

Doomsday Season Finale

Let me start off with saying that I'm still dumbstruck by the results of this episode seriously am in between major letdown and just yelling out ohhhh come on! First of all I can't agree more on the fact that the fight between Clark and Doomsday was supposed to be epic a free for all of punches and explosions and all we got was basically 3 minutes of Clark getting beat up and then him tackling Doomsday to his supposed grave!!! Second while I say that I'm dumbstruck it's because basically after the part with Lois vanishing and so forth I felt like I was in a dream or watching one it had no sense to me yes i was taken for a ride but it was like wanting to go to disneyland and be left off at Burger King!!! I'm be a little bit hard for sure but it's only because I'm such a fan in general of the comics and series that I don't feel like there using all the potential the actually have this season was really good and the managed to get many people once again interested in the series but for the die hard fans that haven't gone anywhere since the beginning the where a lot of WTF moments. But that doesn't say it wasn't a pretty decent episode it was, even the though it goes against my whole knowing mythology when Jimmy presents the watchtower to Cloe and for them to get back together only to have Davis stab/kill beastly psychotically ( very well acted) Jimmy was definitely the best/epic part of the episode totally outshining what was supposed to be the rest. The rest of the episode from there sets up the next season with the appearance of the mysterious figure at the end ( which I'm pretty sure is Zod) to Cloe giving the camera to Jimmy little brother and connecting the visit from the Legion Clark did die at least part of him and with all this you can just see it coming next season I bet there gonna start out with Lois in the future seeing the Clark is all cold and Jimmy's little brother being like Jimmy and the world all amok just for her to come back and make a difference etc etc. Anyway this episode left me with alot to say but it also left me with the notion of hope to see if the can fully bring out there potential in the next season. It was a pretty surprising episode for sure I would love to know wht everyone else thinks...

Small question Injustice

Hey guys.... Did any of you actually hear, what the "ball of light" told Tess in the end? I've tried to rewind, but I can't hear anything that the voice is saying... So if any of you out there has better ears than I have, please tell me what it said :) Thanks....

oliver and clark

i have to say that i hate where their relationship is going. i mean, are the writers going down the same path with them as they did with ck and LL? i surely hope not! even though i can understand both sides i think they're better than fighting like this while a danger like doomsday is still around. sure, it adds to the tension of such a show but you sometimes really ask yourself why they're not able to talk about what they really want. why no compromise? they could try to seperate doomsday from davis and send him to the phantomzone and if this should not work they could still kill him. there's sometimes too much black or white and everyone thinks that his/her way is the only right thing to do. i hate it when the good guys (i mean the really good guys...not the lex luthors) fight like that. but i saw some hope in the end of clark's and oliver's last discussion...maybe they can still fix it. well, we'll see!

Smallville - Tess/Crystal Convesation

What was said at the end of Smallville yesterday when Tess was talking to the crystal that is supposed to control the Traveller?

Smallville S08e20 Beast

Anyone here knows the artist from this episode? like iv spent quite a time looking for that song that plays at the end of the episode and no hits... it starts like this : Time and space is a lonely place there is no sound.... Thnx for any info

Butt-Kicking Babes: Who would you choose to defend you? - Featured

If you found yourself between a rock and a hard place, say you're in a dark alley surrounded by goons or find yourself confronted with a Smoke Monster, a vampire, or a rogue escaped criminal, and could have one butt-kicking babe come to your rescue, who would you choose? Personally, I would go with Dollhouse 's Echo or Chuck 's Sarah since they're always finding ways to creatively kick butt and leave no one (good) behind - what about you? Here are some favs from our Top 10 Butt-Kicking Babes plus a few more, so take your pick from this list or from any butt-kicking babe of TV we've left out. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy Summers Alias - Sydney Bristow Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Sarah Connor or Cameron Smallville - Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan Heroes - Claire Bennet or Elle Chuck - Sarah Walker Dollhouse - Echo Lost - Kate Austen Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars Dark Angel - Max Burn Notice - Fiona In Plain Sight - Mary Shannon Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck Kyle XY - Jessi

Smallville set

Hello well I drove by the set of smallville to check out what was going on , and wow looks like they may have been taping the season finally, the set was ripe with a dozen smashed cars store fronts worked in and roads ripped up. my guess is a battle between clark and dooms day. if anyone lives out in Vancouver where they film the show and would like the know where the set is , its in burnably near metro town just after edmonds sky train stop.

DC vs Smallville

Ok I know Time Warner owns DC & Smallville but for some reason I heard this rumor that DC willing not release the names of certain characters onto Smallville. For example we might not ever see Batman or BRUCE WAYNE on the series. The idea of Wayne Enterprises coming into the picture or being teased about it would be a great way to hype up fan in the DC Universe. Another example is THE FLASH, I heard that is the reason why they call him "IMPULSE" on the series right now. Smallville doesn't have the rights to those names? If its a code name thing then I would love to suggest "Vigilante" for Batman. What do you fans think about it so far?????