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Which Former So You Think You Can Dancers Do You Want to See Again?

While we patiently await the announcement of which So You Think You Can Dance all-stars will return to the show to be paired with this season's finalists, we ask you: Who do you want to see hit the dance floor again? Whether you're a fan of Stephen "Twitch" Boss' hip-hop stylings or Travis Wall's contemporary flow, sound off in the comments below and check back to see if your favorites made the list. Source Here

So You Think You Can Dance Season 7: What Do You Think Of The Changes?

Let's face it -- no matter how many times you voted for Russell (congrats, you win), season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance was a major flop. With problems varying from a significantly shortened competition (since when do SIX people get to go to the finale?!), air dates that seemed to switch from week to week (depending on whether or not House was new that week, usually), and an overall haphazardly thrown-together season, many faithful viewers have been looking forward to its return to its normal post- American Idol slot at the end of May. After all, nothing says summer like a regularly-paced quality season of So You Think You Can Dance. Well, faithful viewers, be prepared for disappointment. According to show creator Nigel Lythgoe, the seventh season has format changes in store that are sure to be much more dramatic than cramped episodes and an empty judge's chair with Paula Abdul's name on it. For one, there will only be 10 finalists as opposed to the traditional 20, and instead of being paired with a fellow contestant partner, dancers will draw from a hat each week to be coupled with an "all-star" favorite from seasons past. Say whaaaaat?! So what will this mean for the show? For one, only one contestant will be voted off each week, giving the audience a greater chance to "get to know" dancers individually before they get the boot. After all, since they are no longer being partnered with fellow contestants, there's no need to keep an even number in the running at all times. This also eliminates the age-old SYTYCD phenomenon (problem) in which subpar dancers are "carried" by their more popular partner and end up making it ridiculously far due to the votes earned by their far exceptional dance-mate. For example, Jessica (superstar Will's partner) from season 4. Just sayin'. Personally, while I'm all for eliminating the possibility of a crappy dancer getting to ride on their partner's coattails, I'm still a little skeptical. After all, what starts happening when people vote for the all-star they enjoyed watching instead of the actual contestant who fared the best at their challenge? And without the whole contestant-contestant partner dynamic, I feel like it's a different show entirely. Like, I don't know... Dancing with the Stars ? Again, just sayin'. What do you think about season 7's epic changes ahead? Will you continue to tune in, or are you considering finally boycotting the show like I threaten to do every season (but never follow through)? Weigh in below in comments, and set your calendar ahead of time for the May 27th premiere, 8/7c on Fox!