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'Sons of Tucson' Episode 1 - 'Pilot' Recap

It stands on Fox's Sunday comedy pedestal as a mix of borrowed plots and styles. It's got the attitude of 'Malcolm in the Middle,' the plot of 'Arrested Development' and the dramatic tragedy of 'Breaking Bad.' But, hey, if you're going to borrow, borrow from the best. The show stars Tyler Labine, aka 'Reaper's' Sock, as Ron, a shiftless, homeless, moral-less sporting goods store customer service rep who lives out of his employer's parking lot and steals from his grandmother to pay off his bat-wielding bookie. The boys need a pseudo-father since their real one has been hauled off to jail for pulling a Bernie Madoff, so they hire Tyler to step in and convince the school that they are under parental supervision. Putting aside the mental logistics of the situation, the characters are very hard to like. It's easy to feel sorry for the orphaned kids that the system probably let slip through the cracks, but they also live in a huge suburban house complete with more kids toys and tech than the suburban castle from 'Blank Check.' And all of it, if you believe the already convoluted exposition, has been bought with money swindled from the bank accounts of innocent people who thought they were going to get a slice of the American dream. So right off the bat (no pun intended), a rabid animal is easier to like than these people. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Lots Of Laughs To Be Found In 'Sons of Tucson' - Starpulse

In these tough economic times, there's been a noticeable theme of penny-pinching floating across network television. Sons of Tucson, a mid-season entry from FOX, stars Tyler Labine (Reaper) as Ron, a down-on-his-luck schmo who is recruited by three kids to play their dad. Their father is in prison for some kind of financially-related crime, so they move to Arizona where he keeps a house. They need to get accepted into school so that people don't ask questions, and that's where Ron comes in. Yes, in this show, the kids are responsible, while the 30-something is the slob. And a desperate one at that. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

SONS OF TUCSON on Fox Review Episode 1

I'm very excited to tell you all about a show premiering on Fox tomorrow, March 14th, called "Sons of Tucson". Think 'Bad Santa' meets 'Malcom In The Middle'. The plot of the show is simple, Rob Snuffkin (played by Tyler Labine) is a 30s something loser that works as a clerk in a sporting goods shop. He lives in his car, owes bad people money, and as my great grandmother use to say, "doesn't have his S$&t together"). Although you may think that Ron sounds like a complete mess (and he is), he's also very likeable. His acting style and overall presence reminds me of Jack Black. But, not in a "This guy sucks he's just trying to be like Jack Black" sort of way, he's more in the variety of "this guy is hilarious, you know, he's a lot like Jack Black" . Ron's life is forever changed when he meets 3 boys looking for a father (Robby, Gary, and Brandon). Their single father was a rich banker who was put in prison for running a ponzi scheme and rather than be placed into foster care, they ran away from home in New Jersey to Tucson Arizona. They have almost everything they need to get by: a nice house, lots of money, but without a parent they can't enroll in school or fit in to normal society. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Sons of Tucson' premiere: A homeless man gets the creepiest job ever...and it's kind of funny

Sons of Tucson last night came with few surprises in terms of plot - we all deserve an award for consuming the regurgitated story of a debt-riddled loser protagonist who gets into a bombastic situation. But it's my pleasure to report that Tucson's characters (and actors) might be enough to save the show from getting a plot in the TV graveyard. Allow me to explain. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Sons of Tucson - Review

Fox hasn't enjoyed a live-action comedy hit since "Malcolm in the Middle," and has learned that incorporating flesh-and-blood characters into its Sunday animation block poses a considerable challenge. So the network reaches into an old bag for the "Malcolm"-like "Sons of Tucson," whose timely premise -- well-to-do kids need an aimless loser to masquerade as their father because real dad, a banker, is in prison -- possesses more pop than the actual episodes. Tyler Labine brings manic energy to his role as the pseudo-pop, but the three brothers register closer to the bottom than middle of the sitcom-kid scale. Ron Snuffkin (Labine, continuing to occupy the slacker-chic niche he mined on CW's "Reaper" and ABC's "Invasion") is toiling away as a sporting-goods clerk when the kids recruit him, offering cash to get them through an awkward situation by helping to enroll them at a new school. Since Ron is living in his car, he accepts the gig. After no small amount of squabbling and some complications involving the principal (Kurt Fuller) and an attractive teacher (Natalie Martinez), both parties realize the other might come in handy: Ron needs a place to crash that gets cable, and the boys' precocious spokesman, Gary (Frank Dolce), recognizes that -- even sitting on a stash of ill-gotten loot -- if he wants to stay out of foster care, those parent-teacher nights aren't going to attend themselves. Yet despite a connection to "Malcolm" (exec producer-director Todd Holland spent four years on the earlier show), "Tucson" hasn't done much to invigorate the formula. Mostly, the situations provide an excuse for Labine to fast-talk his way into and out of trouble, which is amusing so far as it goes. Yet while some have already compared his shtick to Jack Black, the reluctant, miscast guardian pose won't necessarily make anyone forget "Uncle Buck." To Read More Click here .