Season 61

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Season 61


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  • 12 episodes
    12 episodes
    • s61e12Human Embryonic Stems Cells: Science, Ethics, and Politics
    • s61e11Powering the Future with Sustainable Energy
    • s61e10Drugs: One Size Does Not Fit All
    • s61e9Wired for Speech: Voice Interactions with People and Computers
    • s61e8Archimedes: Ancient Text Revealed with X-Ray Vision
    • s61e7Cool Hands, Better Performance
    • s61e6Global Warming: Is the Science Settled Enough for Policy
    • s61e5100 Years After 1906: Understanding Earthquakes and Effects
    • s61e4Using Evolution to Understand Human Growth and Disease
    • s61e3Regenerative Medicine: What Is It?
    • s61e2Back to Life: The Rebirth of the Monterey Coast
    • s61e1Recent Advances in Heart Surgery