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Did anyone wonder why they didden't continue on the whole Time story. I mean i wanted to see the briljant solution they would have but now they just leave us with no id how they fixed the water problem or the disease. It's like bad sex you just feel like somethings missing. And to top it off Life wen't all about character development the only interesting things in the episode was the chair and young beating up tellford. I,m am serieusly thinkin about hiting the writer on the head with a hammer GIVE BACK STARGATE...... Please share your thoughts...

Stargate going dark?!

I've watched this show up until now, because the Stargate franchise has always had dynamic plot's, sometime's they've been a little on the dark side, but always ended with a feeling of comfort!!...Of joy!!...or at least in excited anticipation of next weeks episode!! This new series is becoming less and less interesting and more depressing. I know the premise is, they're trying to survive against all odds. But it's stargate after all!! Within the first few episodes of the previous series, they've always managed to pull a rabit out of the hat and made it look fun in the process!!!! With SGU, by the time each episode ends, I feel the need to watch a comedy or something really cheerful! Just my opinion!

time difference

so they are traveling at faster than light, shouldn't there be a time difference between the ship and earth.

Explosiens Bad Guys And Briljant Science

The one thing i am really missing in SGU are the epic space battles, explosions, a bad alien race: goa'uld ori wraith ect... , the briljant life saving science only possible in the realm of theoretical physics. And of course the humor. This my friends is the stargate formula. The only thing stopping me from not watching it is rush and the stargate itself also i feel like i ow the creators of stargate even dow they seem to be on crack. This is my opinion please form your own and don't blindly follow mine.

Communication stones

Why when they have a major medicle crisis they just use the communication stones and get a real docter or better yet switch with Carter or Mckay so they can fix everything. This seems like a major plothole to me wouldn't you agree.

Complete lack of ethics...

Did Col Young stop for even a second to consider how jacked up and wrong it is to fornicate with a married man's body? With anyone else's body! At least not without their permission. I doubt the other Col's wife will be understanding when he says the only reason I cheated on you was because we have these egg body switching things and I was in another galaxy while my body was doing that chick...

Give SGU a fair chance!

Ok, first of all SGU deserves a fair chance before everyone starts jumping on the hate train. Give it at least one season to grab your attention! However I will agree that the plot, as of now, is pretty boring there is hardly any interaction between alien races (which is to be expected of from any stargate). But you have to remember the writers are trying something new and different for the stargate series. I say if you are a true fan of stargate you DON'T compare it to sgu or sga because they are not in the same class. Although sgu harbors the name "stargate" the whole aspect of the show is different from sgu or sga. Once this season finishes up and you don't like it still, then start ranting about it, at least give them a chance!

Stargate Atlantis was axed for this?

I'm sorry but this show is no where near as good as SA. It's slow, the characters are boring (or just annoying), and the storyline is crap. I've never watched Battle Star Galactica but I hear it's like SU. That review doesn't make me want to start watching it either (although I hear BSG is somewhat better) I started watching with sincere hope it would fill my Stargate fix but I think, no know, I'd prefer reruns of SG1 and SA instead. I'll keep watching SU, hoping that it can live up to the incredible legacy of SG1 and Atlantis, but at this rate I don't have much hope. If there was any justice SA would be brought back and this show would become just a dirty little secret. It does more harm than good to any prospective Stargate fans.

Unrealistic Romance

We first saw Matt Scott having a thing going with Lisa Parks or Venessa James. Later she walks in with him Engaging with another women?? Would she be mad as heck, remember the old ad-edge "A woman Scorned!". She does something total unrealistic she is being nice to Chloe. is it just me or does the writers need to work on that??

No Beards or Wiskers??

So we know they had to do an emergency evacuation from the planet, they really didn't have time to grab the necessities but my one question how the heck are they shaving or keep there facial hair clear? My Theory is that someone might of brought an battery shaver and they are using that in between but Did they have enough time to think about that when they were evacuating? I think not, I also know they have to conserve water so if they brought the old Shavers then how are they shaving without water or for that matter soap?? Any theories???