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Unrealistic Romance

We first saw Matt Scott having a thing going with Lisa Parks or Venessa James. Later she walks in with him Engaging with another women?? Would she be mad as heck, remember the old ad-edge "A woman Scorned!". She does something total unrealistic she is being nice to Chloe. is it just me or does the writers need to work on that??

No Beards or Wiskers??

So we know they had to do an emergency evacuation from the planet, they really didn't have time to grab the necessities but my one question how the heck are they shaving or keep there facial hair clear? My Theory is that someone might of brought an battery shaver and they are using that in between but Did they have enough time to think about that when they were evacuating? I think not, I also know they have to conserve water so if they brought the old Shavers then how are they shaving without water or for that matter soap?? Any theories???