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"The road so far" song...

can anyoe tell me what a song that is and who sang it?

supernatural - season 4: 22 episodes

sources on wikipedia say that the next series will consist of 22 episodes, and how the last few season have run, it would be a good bet to say it will arrive around september/october time.

heeey, wait!

Wait wait wait......... Is this the END of this season? When will the next episode come?

Truly Emotional

...after watching the finale i had to say i was left feeling rather sad about the outcome...i mean what hell is sam going to do without dean... Am looking towards to season four ...

Getting out of the deal

How do you guys think Dean will get out of the deal? Both him and Sam tried several things already, all without any results. This latest thing with immortality didn't really work either.

Ghostfacers (8 out of 10)

I really like this show. And, I like the fact that its gaining a bigger fan base. But last ep really was just an ok in my book. I didn't like the cam shake and the third person feel to it. I'm just glad the guys get to have another season.

The Awesomeness of "Ghostfacers"

In my opinion, last night's episode of Supernatural was totally awesome. Unlike other shows, where the aired episodes of last night were tedious and even boring, "Ghostfacers" was definately fun to watch. It had suspense, humor, profanity, and even some weird romance. Basically it was like a mini-horror flick. Plus the handcam thing turned out to be pretty cool too. I can't wait to see what the writers came up with for next week.


Omg. Thats one word to sum up that episode. To start with I like the fact that it seemed more real because of all the hand cams, and the fact that the guys seemed more natural too with all the swearing (even though it was covered with a beep and a scull). This episode is definatly one that is different to the usual bad demon; holy water, latin phases. But there is always the good old Rock salt Shot gun!.. In this episode also its about what dean wants to do, its about them wanting to hunt it. Its the MEGA hunt, Its what Dean wants to do before his time is up. He only has 2 Months left (hmm yeah right!) .

body swap??

I read the article and what i think Kripke is talking about is the possibility of the boys (Dean and Sam) having something happen to them that leads to them having a body swap between them.. meaning Sam is stuck in Dean's body and Dean is stuck in Sam's and they have to figure out how to fix it (atleast thats what i think, i could be wrong)


Are they thinking of changing the actors of the Winchester brothers when the article said "Winchester body swap"?????????? Read the article of Eric Kripke's interview on Season 4. If what I think is right, then that's really saaaaaaaaaaaad newssssssssssssss!!! Please clear my doubt on this, anyone!