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Supernatural Discussion: 5 or 6 Seasons - Featured

Awhile back, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke revealed that he had a concrete 5-season plan for the run of the series. Kripke's contract with the series is also for 5 seasons. However, a 6th season is looking increasingly likely; both series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are contracted for that additional, 6th season. So my question is: Would you rather see the series run for the 5 seasons that its creator envisioned? Or...assuming the series stars are returning (though it's possible that creator Eric Kripke would not), are you game for a Season 6? Supernatural Season 5 Premieres on The CW Thursday, September 10th Also, check out CriticalMyth's review of the upcoming Supernatural Season 4 DVD Release.

Fav Detectives: Vote for your Favorite TV Detectives! - Featured

Voting is now closed. Check out who won as SideReel's ultimate fav: Fav Detectives: SideReel's Fav TV Detectives Are... Our favorite USA Network detectives return this Friday, August 7th as Psych kicks off its 4th season, and Monk begins its 8th and final season! To get psyched up for these mysteriously funny season premieres, we asked you and your fellow Reelers to nominate your favorite TV detectives of classic and current TV shows. Below is the list of the Top 10 most nominated detectives. Check out who made the list, then vote for your #1 ultimate favorite TV detective! (Since some of these are paired,each pair counts for a singular fav.) Shawn & Gus - Psych Adrian Monk - Monk Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars Richard Castle - Castle Sam & Dean - Supernatural Bones & Booth - Bones Patrick Jane - The Mentalist Holmes & Watson - Sherlock Holmes Columbo - Columbo Robert Goren - Law & Order: Criminal Intent Voting will close Friday afternoon (8/7) and the favorite SideReel detective (or detective duo) will be announced!

Supernatural, Season 4 Episode 17

Most of the links don't work. So what's the point in having them there?

Supernatural - June 18th Airing

Does anyone have a copy of this episode? Specifically the June 18th airing with commercials unedited? If you do, could you please email jd_a15@hotmail.com Thanks.

Dean vs Lucifer

Who do you think would win in hand to hand combat or in indirect combat? If it's Dean, how do think he would do it either way?

what was the best finale this week?

okay, so i'm sitting in my room and i'm still flashed by the finales i've seen the last couple of days. to be clear: LOST, grey's anatomy, smallville, supernatural. but which one was the best? LOST rocked as always. the end was good and shocking and just LOST...if you know the series you know what i'm talking about. smallville was...weird. i guess that's the best term to describe it. after the episode ended i didn't really know if i liked the finale or not. it could definitely been better. so there's grey's and supernatural left and i have to say that grey's wins this one. even though i love supernatural, i think they could have made the episode a tinsy bit better. it was definitely surprising that lucifer really rises but like someone else said in a different thread: the part where sam hears dean but still gives in tO lillith's mocking was pretty weak. there were also hints that the angels weren't all up to good things...so the shock wasn't that big with the revelation in the end. eventually they couldn't prevent anything from happening and that's pretty sad. well i'm still glad that ruby bitch finally died. but grey's anatomy... i don't even know how to describe it. i watch a lot of shows and movies and it's sometime just annoying how predictable some storylines are, but this episode really surprised me and i can't wait to see how it goes on. if you haven't seen it yet i definitely recommend it. well well well, let's just hope that the thing with the bomb worked out, that clark will come to his senses, that we won't be missing anyone in the next season of grey's and that the winchesters kick lucifer's ass!!!

season 5?

anyone know when it will come out? i have to say. in the last couple of weeks almost all the shows i watch has come to its season finale lost/heroes/smallville/one tree hill to name a few but this was by far the best one. i did semi expect what the angels were up to. zackariah seems fishy fromt he start so that kinda gave me a hint. though i did think god was in on it all but i guess god isnt. anyhoo. any clues on 5th season starting?

Your thoughts on how the next season would turn out.

I was really impressed with the season finale for season four. All along, I knew that Ruby is a sneaky bitch - who had the bigger picture in mind. I knew the writers were going to leave us with cliff-hangers [just like they always do with the other three seasons]. But hey, don't get me wrong. That's probably why people are tuning in more for the next season. I've so many questions in my mind. Questions that I would have to wait for a very long time. Questions like 'What is going to happen to Castiel? Will he be punished by the archangels?" Or What's going to happen to the brothers? Will they manage to escape from Lucifer? Or would Sam be that 'special child' who would be the vessel for Lucifer? With all those aside, I want to know your point of view on the few points I have mentioned above.

season finale was is as good as you wanted it to be

well if you don't want to find out what happens tonight don't read this. Lucifer is coming and Sam kills Lilith and yes ruby is bad and has been lying all along to Sam Tito.anyway dean was lied to about stopping the Apocalypse cause the two angels actually want it to happen they don't see any other way of stopping it.anyhow the end of the episode you see dean and Sam back together and Lucifer rising and it ends that's it. the only big news is Sam is not Lucifer and he is not bad and Lilith is actually the final seal, and the fact that castiel helps dean try to stop it means that he interfered with a direct order which in turn means he is now on heavens bad graces and an archangel has been sent to kill him. well there you have it till next season adios

The Most Recent Episode

The episode "When The Levee Breaks" drew me to tears. THe last seen where Dean says 'If you walk out that door don't ever think about coming back' drew me to tears. Sammy is so dellusional trading his brother for a demon. In my world the only a person really has is their family and sam just lost his. I hated seeing Dean and Bobby cring while they were tring to clense Sammy. I hated seeing sam in pain like he was. I am still wondering why Cas was ordered to lat sam out of the panic room. I am confused about that one. I hope sam comes home and dean can forgive him. It isn't supernatural without the brothers, where the show is about two brothers who fight evil. I think they might be seperated for a while at the beginning of season 5 but i also believe that towards the end that they would connect again just in time to make the finale. That would be a horrible ending if they didn't come back together. I am wondering if when he saw his mom in the panic room if it was a hallusination or if she really believes that sam is doing the right thing. this episode was difficult to sit through with all of the choices and pain. I have a lot of questions and I hope the brothers will reconnect again.