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Episode check

I was just watching top brotherly moments on youtube and one of them was when dean teaches sam to fix the impala. For the life of me i cannot remember what episode that is from!! It's bugging the hell out of me Any ideas what episode it is?

Considering a SuperNatural TATTOO like Dean and Sam

Is it to creepy stalker fan obsessed or is it cool? Personally I like the show, and I want to get the tattoo cause its cool as well. It's certainly more thought though when drunk people want a tattoo and choose the first and best one. So what are you guy's opinion?

seeing double

hey did anybody else notice that the woman who plays the publisher in the episode "the monster at the end of the book" already made an appearance in a previous season? She played the role of Karen in season 2 episode 7 "the usual suspects". Why did they do that? Seems a bit odd.

They're Back!

Finally! An episode that made me laugh (come on, Wincest...how could you not), yell at the screen (in joy at bringing back the plot from S3 and at the angels), and almost cry (poor Chuck).

the war

anyone else wanna see more "godzilla vs. mothera" fights? the one we saw was a bit of a disappointment as far as special effects went, but i still wanna see more trash talk between the big wigs. loving this alester character btw.

Prediction of How the Sam/Dean showdown plays out...

I don't claim to know how the rest of this season, or the show in general, will play out, but i have a theory for what would make an awesome show. Seeing as it is obvious that Ruby is far more than she appears, it'd be nice to see her show her full potential. From what we know about her, she helps Sam and Dean because "she remembers what it's like to be Human", but I'm with Dean in the not trusting department, after all "she's a demon!". While Ruby may not end up being the top dog in the demon hierarchy, it's more than likely she is pretty sinister. And i know, she's helping out, blah blah blah, but what's her end game? What does she get out of this. Let's take a look at the things that don't quite make sense considering Ruby's "paygrade" as it were. 1. She knows how to fix the colt? 2. She has a demon killing knife? 3. She is allowed topside again after Lillith banishes her to the corners of Hell, and she supposedly "convinces Lillith" to let her have another chance. For the not so strong demon she claims to be, Ruby has a ton of power, and it seems more and more likely she is near the top of the plan for the Demons to bring Sam to the "Dark side". Ruby is bad news, and time will show it. Now on to the Sam/Dean showdown we all know is coming, once Sam is completely off the reservation that is. The thing is, even if Sam were pure evil, how are they going to get Dean to turn on Sam? No matter what, Dean will try to save him, because he's just that kind of brother. He never says never. The apocalypse brings the armies of heaven (good) against the armies of hell (bad), and it just seems likely that John Winchester will be fighting on that Good side. "He's made of the stuff of Heroes," after all. Biblically speaking, Humans, after all is said and done, take a position higher up than angels in hierarchical positions, so its not to out there for the writers to bring John back with some epic powers during the final fight between Heaven and Hell, and this is how I see it playing out. John comes back, and fights his lost and now evil son Sam, who is right where the demons (Azazel) wanted him the whole time, leading the evil demon army. With the powers he has, Sam ends up killing John in Battle, and it is this action that gives Dean the anger, strength and courage to do what must be done and stop Sam. Only something like Sam killing his father would prompt Dean to give up on saving Sam, and like Castiel said "The Righteous Man who begins it is the only one who can end it." And that's how i see it playing out (as of now). What are your thoughts?

Ruby - Circle Backwards

Hey guys, if you're a Ruby fan check out this video. Hope you like it, lemme know what you think :)

the yellow eyed demons end game

if you remember back castiel sed they dont kno what azezuls end game was but i think i have figured it out and would like your opinions: right this series is about freeing lucifer and the end of days well if you read online about him it says it is strongly beleived in religion that the devil will use the ANTI-christ as a host to walk on earth and bring the end of days and dont forget sam is constantly referred to as the anti christ in season 3 and ruby is constantly forcing him to use te demon powers and is feeding him her blood so think about it he has alot more demon blood in him and hes using his demon powers so he is basically half demon so when lucifer does get freed sam wont be able to fend him off so lucifer will easily inhabit sams body and that is probably how sam and dean will have a showdown .. dont forget supernatural is back for another season so the main question becomes if sam does die will this new brother go on the road with dean to finish the last season ... get back to me

Why Less Sam Was a Good Thing

A lot of Supernatural 's Sam fans get a little frustrated if he's not on screen or if he doesn't get to share a lot of scenes with Dean. While this has been true this season thanks to the arrival of the angels, it doesn't mean Sam doesn't have a storyline. He has a big one. This season, while the angels have been making plans for Dean, Sam has been busy making his own destiny. In the latest episode, On the Head of a Pin, we discovered that Sam's demonic, psychic abilities have grown to an unimaginable strength. But at what cost? Now we know his secret: demon blood. He was fed a few drops as a baby, but now he's chugging it straight from the tap to become so strong that he can outright kill a powerful demon with a single flip of the wrist. While fans might complain that we haven't seen much of this transformation, I think that's exactly what the writers wanted. They've been hiding Sam's development into a powerful force the same way Sam has been hiding it from Dean. He recognizes that this is what he needs to become in order to stop what's coming, but he's ashamed of it. Now that it's coming out and Castiel has seen first hand how strong Sam is, the sky's the limit. His story arc since Dean's descent into Hell has been profound, and just because we didn't get to see every step along the way doesn't mean we don't know what happened. Sex and Violence put the notion of a Sam vs. Dean battle into the minds of fans, and with this latest revelation, that becomes an even stronger possibility. The Winchesters are headed down different paths, and while the two may argue along the way, the interesting thing is that the destination, at least in theory, is the same. Sam wants to get stronger so that he can stop Lilith from breaking the 66 Seals. It's the same thing the angels want Dean to do, but he's having doubts about it. The biggest moral question on Supernatural this season is: do the ends justify the means? Is it OK to kill a human if it saves humanity? Is it OK to drink demon blood if it allows you to kill other demons? Would you sacrifice everything, perhaps even your own humanity, to save the ones you love? For Sam, the answers to those questions is Yes. However, he'd be a lot happier if no one knew about it, which is why it's been kept a secret until now. Source here

Jensen Having a Bad Day?

In "On The Head of a Pin", the scene where Dean is yelling at Uriel and Castiel in the hotel room and says "So maybe you could stop pushing us around like chess pieces, for 5 freakin minutes!". If you watch closely at Jensen's lips you can fully see that he doesn't say "freakin" he actually says "fuckin". You can also see Jared's reaction to him doing so, but I guess carried on in character knowing that it could be dubbed over later.. which it was, seeing as though you can't say "fuckin" on Supernatural lol. Just an observation :)