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Supernatural Presents: Jensen Ackles...

In his funniest minute-and-a-half on television. I found this on the cwtv site and thought my fellow Supernatural fans would enjoy it as much as I did. Unfortunately I can't give you all a direct link.... go to the above address. Then click "preview and more" on the right hand side and select "Supernatural Presents: Jensen Ackles". I believe this dailie/clip was taken from "Yellow Fever" (S.04 ep. 06) I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!!

Who dies

Okay I just read somewhere that a character from Supernatural dies in April. I know its not the brothers, but who? I hope its not Bobby. I hope it's Ruby. If it is Ruby maybe that the big fall out between the brothers that suppose to be the big fight in the finale. Just me wondering.

Your Top 10 Classic Disney Movies!

I felt a little nostalgic after I saw Lion King, so I wanted to know what your top 10 Disney movies were #1 Lion King #2 Mulan #3 Pochahontas #4 Beauty and the Beast #5 The Prince of Egypt #6 Pinocchio #7 Hercules #8 Ariel #9 Lion King 2 #10 Mulan 2

S4 EP16 - I can't believe this!

I loved it! Now I'm scared the season will end on a high and I'm gonna go through cold turkey for the next season. WTH is happening? A new found legion against God. Angels going bad over jealousy? Oh man.

Is it me or?

Is it me or did Sam eyes get extra black in tonight episode On the Head of a Pin. I feel so bad for Dean, but i'm so ready to see the old Dean (sigh). Sam is really getting in deep. I think Papa Winchester words are coming to light. If you can't save him (Sam) you're gonna have to kill him.


could someone please put up a good working link of season 4 episode 8 as all the ones i have tried dont seem to work

Thursdays suck

Nothing good on smallville and supernatural both off until next week!!!!!!!!!!

not yelling

yeh can we like get some links for Supernatural, Season 4 Episode 15 or what? just asking i mean gosh i really wanna see it been looking up links all day

No Tv next Week?

My whole tv schedule is blank for next week, does that mean everything i was watching has reached the end of the season? Big Bang Theory Grey's Anatomy Lie To Me Scrubs Supernatural all missing obviously, i now know that Psych has reached the end of its season.

The Coolest Character Ever!

Vote! Who for you is the coolest character ever? Who is the person that makes you think 'wow he's/she's cooool'. The characters that simply look/do things the cool way. Which one is it? Someone I didn't mention? Write who! "Nominees:" Hank from Californication Chuck from Gossip Girl Cappie from Greek Sylar from Heroes House from House Mickey from Hustle Elliot from Leverage Patrick from The Mentalist Sawyer from Lost Jack from Lost Sam & Dean from Supernatural Michael & Lincoln from Prison Break ````Bill Compton from True Blood Dr. Cox from Scrubs Jack from 24 Dexter from Dexter Barney from How I Met Your Mother Sydney from Alias There is probably loads more I didn't mention, vote on!