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Just love it, just when you think, theres not that many more storie lines that can be totaly differant, they go an hit us with anotherone!!Season 5 Episode 7 "The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester" which airs on Thursday October 29 at 9 p.m Every week is brill, dont get me wrong but every now an then they come out with some really good ones that have not been done b4 an this is one..I was a bit worried at the start of this season, cause i thought you cant get much bigger than lucifar, just being bought back right in front of Dean an Sam, how could they pass this, but how they did it was cool an allthough lucifar has been bought back, i think they have done very well with the stories inbetween, cause they have done all most everything, so how they gonna escape the devil, an what posible storey lines would they use inbetween, that would keep us all entertained an not seem silly under the curcumstanses.Love how this season has panned out so far, how the storie has mannaged to keep going allthough lucifar has been bought back, like the symbol they now have so angels nor demons can see them, nice touch cause in my opinion they would not have stood a chance,love the episode about the boy, again leaves more loose endings. The inbetween stories when there are not on there main mission have been cool, just like this one, it looks really good an another to keep us on edge of our seats im sure! Bobby could die! we are getting to the end? Just love it all, but i think this one is it, dont think they can go past angels an demons/heaven an hell, Devil an maby God? The end of the world..I think this serise could blow us all away an as much as i love it, i think it should be left at the end of this serise, as i said, it really don't go beyond whats happening now an what they will have to do to try an save the world an what might happen inbetween! Considering how far an deep the stoire writers have gone with this show,( yellow eyed demon, family ties,the colt, Sam an demon blood, selling there souls, dean coming back from hell)list go's on i think they have done a brill job in not making it look silly an all the brill ideas they are using to keep it going, cause @ the end of season 6 when we see sam an dean loosing the battle an lusifar rises right in front of them,I thought were could they posibely take it from there? but this season so far has been brill an they have done a good job, writing these stories an i look forward to seeing The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester" which airs on Thursday October 29 at 9 p.m, another inbetween episode that looks brill an a direction they have not took b4, like ghosts,shape shifters, an those things that change reality etc..Im am just left to say SUPERNATURAL ROCKS.BURN OUT PLZ DONT FADE AWAY! THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I HAVE EVER SEEN AN WOULD HATE TO SEE IT GET RUINED BY TRYING TO KEEP IT GOING AN IF IT DONT WORK, IT WILL JUST FADE AWAY, SUPERNATURAL SHOULD END ON THIS SERIES AN GO WITH A BANG! Would love to know what others think about this?