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About my trip to the set of Terminator:TSCC

A couple of weeks before I went I got to meet the whole cast (except for Lena Headey) at a Q&A they had in Hollywood.I got their autographs and we got to watch the second episode before it came out. Then on Oct. 15 One of the people from FOX picked me up and the plan was to go to the set but they were filming on location that day so I got to go to thier house (The new one they just got in the show) sadly the whole cast wasn't there that day but Summer Glau, Thomas Dekker and Leven Rambin were there so i was extremely happy with the ones that were. I got to hang out with them,they gave me a tour of the house, also got to watch them film (the 13th episode) we ate lunch together and i took a lot of pics. It was Awesome day.

Terminator is decent but it needs a different time slot.

Terminator is a decent show that, although not every episode is good, I enjoy watching. The problem is that because Fox has it in a time slot on Monday there are other shows that I would rather watch. This causes me to watch it here on sidereel, like I'm betting many of you do. How many of you actually watch it on Fox when it airs?

TV Death Watch: Sophomore Shows

While the Fall TV Death Watch usually focuses around the awful new series...as in the already canceled Do Not Disturb and the soon-to-canceled (we can only hope) Kath and Kim . But...this year you should also start getting concerned for a lot of sophomore shows - ones that premiered last Fall to pretty decent numbers, had abbreviated seasons due to the strike, and have now returned with far less impressive stats. Last night, 5.6 million watched Pushing Daisies , 7.3 million saw Private Practice and 5.9 million watched Dirty Sexy Money . Over on NBC Monday, sophomore dramas Chuck and Life received 5.8 and 5.6 million viewers, respectively (and...not a sophomore show, but Heroes had a series low 8.2 million viewers). On Fox, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles also had numbers only in the 5 million range - 5.7, this week. Rumors of cancellation have already been circulating about this show in particular. For each of these shows, not only are the numbers far lower than what they were receiving last year (Private Practice received 14.4 million viewers for its series premiere...it was an ABC hit), but they are also currently still in decline from week to week. So...while it's a sad question that I pose...which of the above Sophomore shows do you think will next be canceled. Chuck ? Life ? Dirty Sexy Money ? Private Practice ? Pushing Daisies ? Terminator: TSCC? These shows will not all survive to see a third season; that much I am sure of (unless their numbers magically double...a tripling would be ideal). My vote is sadly going to go towards Pushing Daisies as the next victim. This speaks nothing about the show's quality, but I can only imagine that production costs are particularly high for Daisies...and there's no way that it's making any money. Which show do you think will be the next victim? Weigh in below! Sources: Variety and THR

I won a trip to the set of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Now i'm starting to hear it might be cancelled. I don't think that's true because i'm going this friday (oct 10) to the set to hang out with the cast and to watch them film an episode and why would they send me if it was going to be cancelled? When i go i'll try and find out if it's true and i'll let you all know.


Hey I've never watched this show but I'm Loving Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX. I'm starting to hear that Fox is thinking of Canceling SCC to save Prison Break and Low Veiwers. I'm just here to expose the series a bit more. Just give is a shot on TV & online. If you've never seen it before HULU is the best place to start. They have great Visual Effects & a great sense of Characters that always keep me coming for more. Give it a Try.....


Who is Allison Young and why is she important to John Connor? The Terminators chose her for a reason for infiltration. Does this mean she's someone John Cares about? Is she important to the resistance? If that's the case then why doesn't Derek Reese see her as Allison instead of a Terminator when her first met her? The last Episode raise some new questions about the Machines and their plans. Also the passes into John's Camp must have an importance in themselves because they never came across them before. What do you guys think?

Why Cameron was so awkward in the pilot episode

Cameron came across as warm friendly and entirely believable as a human in the pilot episode, but afterwards she just became awkward and non-humane like. This has not gone unnoticed by viewers, and I myself have always wondered why that was the case. I assumed it was a change of direction by the directors but an interview with executive producers John Wirth and Josh Friedman says otherwise. Friedman shares, "Summer's character had been prepped for that particular situation, so it was almost like she had a script. Once they jumped forward in time, though, she was as adrift as everyone else." The producers also hinted at a love triangle between John, Cameron and Riley (played by Leven Rambin) and that the theme for Season 2 would be "Evolution". Click here to read more of the short article.


i jst think that the character of cameron isnt as great as she was in the pilot episode. i mean in that very first episode, she seemed to have emotion, nw she's so monotonous. she doesnt smile, she was sort of quirkey to start off with, knowing how to talk and blend in with john but nw as the seriese is going on, she's too machine-like. also i would like for there to be better fight scenes with the machines. surely if they can move like us they can do more than jst push each other around. lets see some kicks and punches!! other than that the show is pretty good. they picked a good cast to play john and sarah, well done =)

mad hacking skillz

i just had to comment on the whole hacking the brain chip.... sticking it in a pci slot? john gets some 1337 video cards from his friend with some tera size throughput and they are nowhere to be seen on the socket-a looking board as hes overvolting the pci slots saying the cpu cant handle it. for one, 2.5v is undervolting a 5v pci slot..all this good stuff is going through a crossover cable or something into his dell laptop to view it. i think they coulda made up some non existant cool looking connectors or at least made the setup look more interesting.. ok the cheapy acrylic psu was an attempt. and looking again i see some trippy boxes plugged into the ide with a usb coming out the other end - ok thats kinda cool. it could have been at least funny if he had some oldschool voodoo pre-sli action going

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 8 - Vick's Chip

Can someone put the episode 8 Vick,s Chip i really want to watch it and it has been shown already so it most be out there