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i was amused that in this episode they mention twistor theory it amuses me so because twistor theory is usually thought of as incorrect and please dont ask me to explain

Discuss: Did Bang Go Out with a Big Bang? - Featured

I've really come to love The Big Bang Theory in its second season. The show has undeniably developed into something far greater than what it was in its pilot. That being said, I wasn't in love with last night's season finale, and I'd like to hear what you guys think! Of course, the show had it's characteristic funny gags and laugh-out-loud moments. I loved Penny's responding to Sheldon's obnoxious door-knocking routine, the writers' awareness of current trends (Leonard: "Yes, how did we live before Twitter?") and probably most of all, how the guys' North Pole living room setup exactly mimicked their setup at home. As I've mentioned before, I love how Raj and Wolowitz have become larger characters on the show. In fact, my favorite line of the night was courtesy of Raj: "But if we were part of the team that confirmed string theory, we could drink for free...in any bar...in any college town with a university that has a strong science program!" Furthermore, the interaction between Raj's parents and Wolowitz's mom was hilarious. However, I didn't love the Leonard/Penny storyline. The show excels when it moves away from their romance (in my mind), so concluding on Penny's "Oh, I guess I do have feelings for Leonard" seemed like a bit of a step backwards for me...and a little anticlimactic as a whole. 1) Isn't this exactly how the first season concluded? and 2) Are we really expected to believe that Penny does have feelings for Sheldon after all? Penny's renewed interest in Leonard seemed a little bit out of nowhere to me and just a cheap way to throw in a cliffhanger that wasn't even particularly compelling. In reality, I don't think it will amount to much of anything, as Penny will undoubtedly find a new boyfriend in Leonard's absence. What say you? Do you disagree with me? Think the Leonard/Penny story was a big bang of a conclusion? Discuss! Image courtesy of: TVSquad

TBBT s02e15 - The Maternal Capacitance

This TBBT is goooooooood! You get to see Leonard's mum! I was wondering when that would happen, coz we've already seen Sheldon's mum, Raj's parents and i'm quite happy with just hearing Walowitz's mum shout in the background... seeing her does scare me a little. :)

Question about Klingon Boggle....

I was watching episode 7 of season 2 (Which I love) and the Klingon Boggle scene really got me thinking....... Are there any Star Trek fans (and I mean BIG Star Trek fans, the ones that actually know Klingon language :P ) that can confirm that what they "thought up" were true and what they actually mean?...