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Cathy Not Honored Rebecca Wants to Name Her Baby Cathy on 'The Big C' (VIDEO)

This season, Cathy's no longer keeping the fact that she has cancer a secret, though after her cupcake-filled return to the school she teaches at, both she and her son might be rethinking that. Thought we have to admit, 'The Big C' (Mon., 10:30PM ET on Showtime) was a cute nod to the title of the show, and cancer, and Cathy's name. A name that her friend Rebecca decides would be great for her forthcoming daughter. See, since Cathy is dying, now her legacy can live on. Only, Cathy isn't dead yet and doesn't take the honor particularly well. Luckily for Rebecca, the phone rang at that moment and Cathy found out she'd made it into the clinical trial set up by our new favorite doctor/magician. Hopefully, Alan Alda can stick around for at least a few more appearances this season. He proved a great foil for Cathy's abrasive and aggressive personality. //www.aoltv.com/2011/07/05/rebecca-wants-to-name-her-baby-cathy-the-big-c-video/

THE BIG C “Musical Chairs” Season 2 Episode 2

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of  THE BIG C  "Musical Chairs" Season 2 Episode 2 airing Monday  July 4 at 10:30pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : The Big C "Musical Chairs" Season 7 Episode 2 – Frustrated at not being able to land a spot in the clinical trial of a new treatment by a respected oncologist (guest star Alan Alda), Cathy resorts  to supernatural  aid; Sean becomes assertive around the  house ; Adam capitalizes on his classmates’ sympathy about his mother’s illness. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/07/04/the-big-c-musical-chairs-season-2-episode-2-2/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

The Big C Episode Preview: Welcome, Alan Alda!

The Big C returned with a solid season two premiere this week. And should only get better from here, as Alan Alda debuts next Monday night as Dr. Sherman. Yes, Cathy finally gets an appointment with him. But, no, she does not make his clinical trial list. Elsewhere, Sean takes on a take-charge attitude around the house, while Adam uses his mother's medical situation to his advantage at school. Check out the official Showtime trailer now: //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/06/the-big-c-episode-preview-welcome-alan-alda/