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The Bridge Season 1 Review “The Beetle”

The season long murder mystery has become the drink of choice for many a network executive. So many networks are taking stabs (pun intended) at the genre, that murder mysteries really have to work hard to set themselves apart from the other 147 currently airing. To this point,  The Bridge  has been an outlier. It has managed to set itself apart not because of the pursuit of a very showy, tech-savvy killer, but because of the delightfully odd characters that populate El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. The show has such a command of its own outliers, that the main through line of the first season can seem like a drag in comparison. Still, the plot line had to be serviced. At least  The Bridge  does it in a compelling way. Read More... //

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'The Beetle'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "The Beetle," the September 4 episode of FX's "The Bridge," in which the killer goes after Marco's family in a taut hour directed by Keith Gordon.  Read More... //

The Bridge "The Beetle" Review: Subtlety Squashed Like a Bug

What once was a quiet examination of border towns is now a full-on fright-fest.  Read More... //

The Bridge Review: What is Tate's Endgame?

What is David Tate's plan?  The opening scene of his wife's death was heartbreaking to watch. It was easy to feel for him in that moment, but that quickly went away due to his more recent actions. He's killed plenty of people, including some that were close to him. He's tortured others, like Daniel Frye and Marco. But ... what is his endgame?  With his love affair with Alma, he was taking Marco's wife away from him. I thought he might try to replace his family by winning Alma's heart, but that wasn't to be. Tate just used Alma to torture Marco with no regard for her at all.  Read More... //

The Bridge Recap: Not Done

David Tate is a disturbed, vengeful, murderous bastard. We knew this as of last week’s episode of The Bridge , when we realized Tate is the Bridge Butcher, as well as a man pretending to be Kenneth Hasting, and a vengeful widower who lost his wife and son in a terrible car accident, and someone who has it in for Marco Ruiz, who was sleeping with that wife just before she died.   This week’s episode further confirmed all of that information. But it also introduced this notion: that plenty of other relatively decent people in El Paso can just as easily be driven to kill. Cesar put a bullet in Graciela Rivera’s henchman without giving it much more than a millisecond of thought. Charlotte Wainwright then followed up by shoving a pitchfork directly into Graciela’s torso, ensuring that she’ll never bump off another defenseless horse or demand oral sex from good ‘ol Ray-Ray again. (By the way, the pitchfork? Totally the little-known seventh murder weapon in the game Clue.)  Read More... //

The Bridge 1.08 Review "Vendetta"

Cigarettes, ricin, and a revelation were much discussed buzzwords following last week’s episode of “Breaking Bad.” Both fans and critics alike discussed how much Jesse Pinkman’s awakening to the knowledge worked and didn’t work for them stressing over the inherent value in either character believability or plot believability. If one were to have waited three more days and were happening to be on the channel FX at 10pm then they also would have caught another TV’s show attempt at a big revelation. The show in question is of course “The Bridge,” and what I find so interesting about its big reveal of who the “Bridge Butcher” was is how unsatisfying it all felt.  Read more at  //  

The Bridge Season 1 Review “Vendetta”

According to Google Maps, the distance between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico is a little under two miles. It’s this short distance that accounts for a lot of cultural similarities even if the two places can seem worlds apart. What  The Bridge  has done throughout their world-building first season is showcase just how large the divide can be between these two places, and the characters that operate within these places. However, it’s unmistakable that the show has spent the last few episodes carefully folding the large world back in on itself. In particular, tonight’s episode shows just how small the world can feel. And in a world this small, no one can escape their past. Read More... //

The Bridge 1.8: Some Dark Poetic Justice

Well, I've saying for a while that I thought the killer in The Bridge might be Hank, though an extremely outside long shot. In episode 1.8, we learn that the killer was not Hank but is indeed law e... //

The Bridge Review: The Killer Revealed

It took some time, but all the seemingly unrelated threads on The Bridge  have come together to create a nice and neat bow.  Okay, it might not be nice or neat, but the killer now has name thanks to Sonya's diligence. And the viewers were let in on the reason behind his " Vendetta " and his chosen targets. There's still much to be figured out, but this hour was a positive turn for the series.   Read More... //

The Bridge "Vendetta" Review: This Time It's Personal

Well we certainly didn't expect THAT this early in the season!   Read More... //