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The Cleveland Show: "A Cleveland Brown Christmas" Review Episode 9

Cleveland's asked to dress up as Santa Claus at his company Christmas party. After getting a little drunk, he ends up inadvertently telling Rallo that his real father isn't actually an FBI agent, shattering the child's paternal admiration. To make things right, Cleveland tracks down Rallo's father and tries to get the father and son to share a Christmas moment. Meanwhile, Roberta decides to become an animal rights activist and frees a reindeer, which causes mayhem all around Stoolbend. Taking a classic family sitcom storyline and then turning it on its head seems to be the formula that's worked best for The Cleveland Show so far. This week's predicament of Cleveland trying to make things right with Rallo is a serviceable story concept, and serves as a decent backdrop for the myriad of zany events that unfold during the course of the episode. Cleveland getting drunk and ruining Rallo's heroic image of his father was simple enough. You knew that he felt bad afterwards, and would try to make things right. Of course Rallo's real father would decide to spend Christmas Eve at a strip club, and would need Cleveland to convince him that he should be there for his son. Rallo's been a bit inconsistent though. For a kid who's supposedly extremely intelligent, he tends to fall for whatever crazy story Roberta comes up with. It seems that the writers will turn up or turn down his street smarts as they see fit to help tell their stories. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now