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The Event: "Arrival" Review

The makers of   The Event   were nothing if not consistent with last night's series finale, " Arrival ," as they continued with the trend of giving audiences episodic-television blue balls -- an inclination that has been the modus operandi of the series from day one.   I don't know where the show was in terms of its production schedule when the producers realized that NBC was done with it, but judging by this episode the creative staff are either living in some kind of fantasyland where they see Netflix as their saviors or they just figured they'd screw over what (few) faithful viewers they had left. And why not, since that's what's been going on with the show since September?   Rather than go out with a bang and give us some kind of closure -- and again, in fairness, it is possible (if unlikely) that the producers and writers didn't know The Event was going to get cancelled when they shot this episode -- we instead get a hundred cliffhangers, some of which practically take the series into the realm of parody.   Read More... //

THE EVENT “Arrival” Review

THE EVENT "Arrival" Season 1 Episode 22 -  The season and probable  series  finale of  The Event  is a surprisingly satisfying hour of television. Sadly, this isn’t because the plot suddenly all makes sense, but rather because it’s so ridiculous that you have no choice but to be amused by it all. Alas, I’m about to give it some serious thought and I have no doubt that I’ll need a strong drink by the end of this review. I’ll summarise it as briefly as possible: Sean, Vicky, Sterling and Simon track  down Sophia. Sean talks her down from releasing the virus in Dulles airport. The other two distribution centres were already locked down by tactical teams and are safe too. Leila gets medical attention and will probably be fine. She’s also pregnant. Read More...

‘The Event,’ Season 1, Episode 22, ‘The Arrival’: TV Recap

Sophia makes a last-ditch effort to get her people to Earth, and our heroes make a last-ditch effort to stop her, on this, NBC’s season/series finale of "The Event," "The Arrival." The curtain is raised a final time as Leila, having been infected by the mystery virus, is stuck inside a plastic bubble, mercifully monosyllabic. Sean promises that everything will be alright (and no, he’s not referring to the "put us out of our misery" cancelation their network gave them). He rejoins Vicky, Simon and Sterling on the mission to stop Sophia from releasing the virus on the citizens of D.C. Read More... //

Recap: 'The Event' Finale - 'Arrival'

While I was not a fan of the pilot, it nonetheless generated a lot of excitement among viewers, and it seemed to promise that something ‘big’ was on its way. Personally, I didn’t appreciate the promise, because I did not find the episode itself compelling on its own. But I still wanted to see that promise fulfilled. Somehow I was cheering for something decent to shine through during the finale, for some sign of the path the show was meant to follow. The fact that "Arrival" reuses the pilot’s imagery is appropriate, in that the fulfilment of the show’s promise is nothing more than another promise. We’re given a glimpse of something ‘cool,’ after which I surmise we were to wait some more, hoping that something interesting would come of this latest promise. Only now there’s no more waiting to be had, and "The Event" must stand as it is, which, sadly, is a failure on almost every level. The actual plot of the episode is so frustratingly dull and executed in such a rote manner it comes across as a distraction or an afterthought that the writers had to begrudgingly settle. Read More... //

The Event: "The Beginning of the End" Review

"I did not know how empty was my soul... until it was filled."   Remember that quote from Excalibur? Well, it pretty well sums up my take on   The Event   this week. Things have finally started to happen in this penultimate episode -- my soul was finally filled with character team-ups, horrific dream sequences and an imminent doomsday. All of which has only further illustrated how empty the preceding 20 episodes of the series have been. And now, with the recent news that NBC has cancelled the show , the question must be asked: Is it too little too late anyway?   Read More... //

THE EVENT “The Beginning of the End” Review

THE EVENT "The Beginning of the End" Season 1 Episode 21 -  The episode opens with Sophia having a nightmare of a town where nearly all the humans are dead, except for a small girl who accuses Sophia of being behind it all. A shaken Sophia still makes serious headway in her plans to release the mutated flu virus . Distribution points are picked and it’s implied that the virus is about to be unleashed at the very end of the episode. In their hunt for Sophia et al, Sterling and Simon encounter Vicky and Sean. It doesn’t take long for them to start working together and they eventually find the location of Sophia’s base. They go there and find Dr Lu, who gives them the password to her laptop  under threat of torture. The laptop apparently holds all the information they will need to stop the attack – they just need to  find  the right details. Sean finds the infected Leila and they talk about their future together as they wait. But it doesn’t look good for Leila – is she going  to die before the season is up? Read More... //

Recap: 'The Event' - 'The Beginning of the End'

The episode opens on the image of bodies strewn about a street, with Sophia alone making her way through the destruction. A little girl, bloodied and dying, accosts Sophia and begs her for help before blaming everything on her. The imagery could have been interesting were I not too busy grinding my teeth in frustration over the fact that it’s all obviously a cheat: Sophia is dreaming. She wakes up, and like President Martinez with his dream earlier this season, begins to question herself, even questioning Dr. Lu as to whether there’s some way a few humans might be spared. There isn’t. The super-flu, as explained by some hokey CNN-style graphic that Sophia needs because otherwise we wouldn’t know what the "eastern seaboard" or "the world" are, will wipe out all of humanity, and now Sophia is a little bit closer to releasing it, having placed agents at key locations like airports and food suppliers. They will release the disease, now tempered by Leila’s hybrid immune system, to the public through newly circulated dollar bills and the preservatives sprayed on grocery produce (organic-eating train commuters who pay with debit cards will be mercifully spared from Sophia’s wrath.)  Then Sophia leaves to see to her incoming alien arrivals and, well, that’s about it. Read More... //

The Event: "One Will Live, One Will Die" Review

As the third to last episode of   The Event   begins -- yes, I'm counting down the episodes now -- Leila has just seen her father Michael killed by Sophia's loyal aliens/henchmen. As Leila cries and blames Sophia, there's a moment where we're reminded of how The Event could be interesting or, at least, worth watching week in and week out. Sophia tells Leila that she has known her father longer than the girl could comprehend. Now think about that for a second -- how old are the NTBs? Because I can comprehend a really, really long time. Have Michael and Sophia been palling around for… what? Infinity?   This line, this concept… how cool would it be to learn more about this aspect of NTB society? To further explore the notion of being essentially ageless. What does Michael leave behind now that he's dead? How many generations and millennia of untold knowledge and experience, all washed away by a single, human bullet?   Read more... //

THE EVENT “One Will Live, One Will Die” Review

THE EVENT "One Will Live, One Will Die" Season 1 Episode 20 -  Given just how much the characters  seemed  to do, surprisingly little actually happened in this week’s episode. But it was a good setup for the final two episodes of season 1. Sophia tells Jarvis that Simon has escaped with a cure for Martinez. Jarvis then covers all his bases, restricting access to Martinez and setting  up surveillance  on Sterling. Simon  does  come to Sterling, but they’re smart; they escape, thwart an assasination attempt and deliver the cure to Christina, who administers it to her husband. Will it work? The episode title may seem to suggest so – because the only other person in mortal danger right now is Leila. Sean and Vicky track  down ‘Alex’ and the lungs but they’re too late to stop her from setting up an aerosolized deployment of the virus in the ventilation system  of a shopping mall . Thankfully, it’s on a timer. Sean ends the countdown with some nifty technical mojo (i.e. he shot at it). But Alex is already working on plan B. She releases the virus on a bus, recording the effects for Sophia’s scientists to study, and then delivers these records and the bodies to them. But the recordings show that the virus kills too quickly to be effective and the only way to slow it down is to have it mutate – inside a human/alien hybrid. Read More... //

Recap: 'The Event' - 'One Will Live, One Will Die'

The title of this week’s episode of "The Event" contains a major spoiler: "One Will Live, One Will Die." After last week’s introduction of a certain all-too-convenient antidote, it’s not hard to figure out which character will live. The reveal that someone will die, however, is typically a fairly big deal for a television series, leaving fans guessing as to who it will be. In this case, sadly, the answer is equally as unexciting as that time "The Event" promised to reveal that a major character is secretly an alien. Last episode, Sean and Vicky cornered Alex, transporter of the super-flu, in a parking garage, but allowed her to escape in a scene that served little purpose beyond reminding us once again that Vicky really does like Sean. It matters little, though, because Sean memorizes the license plate number of Alex’s rental vehicle and uses it to hack into the rental company’s server and access the vehicle’s location through a tracking device that, apparently, rental companies had installed in all of their cars back in the ‘90s. (Wouldn’t it have been easier to say Sean was accessing the car’s GPS device? I mean, really.) Sean’s computer skills now less resemble those of an actual "hacker," and more those of Penny from "Inspector Gadget." When inventing a new character to materialize for no purpose beyond providing Sean with some helpful information (whatever happened to poor Agent Collier, anyway? Or those two conspiracy nuts whose apartment Sean got blown up?), he can always just consult his "computer book" and learn whatever he needs.There comes a point where the show might as well quit inventing devices that direct Sean forward in his journey, and instead just have him declare that his "Spidey sense is tingling." Read More... //