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in which George Jefferson and his wife Weezy are "moving on up" , but this spinoff from "All In The Family" is part of African-American television history, tackling topical social issues like racism, drug addiction and poverty. Loud mouthed and stingy, George, and his sweet wife Weezy have just moved into a brand new apartment (yes, to a deluxe one in the sky) having recently come into wealth from his small drycleaning business. It's a laugh-out-loud fish-out-of-water tale of clashing tenants and a new upper class world the Jeffersons aren't too familiar with- most notibly of all dealing with their interracial next door neighbors, the Willis family and their wise cracking housekeeper, Florence. But throughout his social climb and greedy schemes, George often learns having money can't always solve everything. Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford, Mike Evans, Paul Benedict and 5 Time Emmy Nominated, Marla Gibbs star in this iconic sitcom.

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