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The Millers Season 2 Episode 4 Review: You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings, Man

Tonight, we find out why Nathan is obsessed with himself in  The Millers Season 2 Episode 4  and Debbie makes a big decision that leaves Adam feeling left out. The Millers is never going to be known as the greatest comedy. At best, it's going for moderately successful. I just wish it wasn't so bi-polar. One week it shows promise while the next week is almost unbearable. This was one of its better weeks.  They continue to make some tweaks to the characters and their lives, so here's hoping that the pendulum stays at better and above and doesn't return to awful.   Read More... //

The Millers Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Give Metta World Peace a Chance

There were few laughs and very little heart in  The Millers Season 2 Episode 3  as it was a return to normal for the show. Last week's episode gave me so much hope. It was by no means terrific, but they were headed in the right direction. Everything that makes The Millers frustrating was back in full force. The incredibly overbearing Mom. The buffoon Dad. I was sad to see their reappearance, instead of continuing their character's growth from the previous episode. The Millers has a great cast. But the characters and writing is not up to the caliber of these actors.   Read More... //

The Millers Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Reunited and It Feels So Bad

Tom and Carol are ready to sign on the dotted line and end their marriage on  The Millers Season 2 Episode 2 , but  Nathan is worried that doing so will wreck the relative harmony that currently exists. The Millers last year rightly got a lot of bad press for its fart jokes and over-the-top antics that often came across more annoying than funny. The jokes weren't always there and the heart was missing, which are two key ingredients to a really good comedy. Divorce isn't an easy topic, but The Millers were able to consciously uncouple with grace, humor and heart tonight.     Read More... //

The Millers Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Movin' Out

Carol is finally moving out of Nathan's home on  The Millers Season 2 Episode 1  and he couldn't be happier, provided her new home isn't too close to his place. The first place she looks at seems quite nice. It's fully furnished and it gets my vote. But Nathan cautions her that it costs too much. She agrees and they walk next door into Nathan's apartment. Yikes! That was a close one. Carol is a loving Mom, but she's a handful, and I wouldn't want her to be my neighbor either.   Read More... //

The Millers Series Premiere Review: Everybody Loves Will Arnett

How about that cast!? How about that premise? The two mix for a mediocre sitcom, which we'll consider a win.  Read More... //


If you're looking for a direct takeaway from the majority of this fall's batch of new network shows, make it this: Tons of talented people being wasted on mediocre-to-terrible material. Especially on the comedy front, where the two most hopeful series (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Michael J. Fox Show) are doing their best to stay afloat amidst a sea of suck. People may disagree on which new comedy is the worst (most critics have chosen Dads, while I see it as bad-but-not-the-bottom), but really, when you start bickering over which show is the most worthless, you're scratching pictures on asylum walls. Here at IGN, whether something gets a 5, a 4, or even lower, keep in mind that that's all just varying degrees of "don't waste your time." "You're better than this." "Be better than We Are Men." "Be better than Mom." "Don't settle for The Goldbergs." "Or Back in the Game."Read More... //

Television Review: Will Arnett, Sean Hayes and Mary McCormack in New Shows

Three new comedies — “The Millers,” “Sean Saves the World” and “Welcome to the Family” — stand out for their veteran leads.   Read More...   //