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‘The Newsroom,’ Season 2, Episode 6, ‘One Step Too Many’: TV Recap

The title of this episode, “One Step Too Many” has a negative connotation, so we know right off the bat that it’s about where the News Night team went wrong with Genoa. Who exactly took one step too many, though? Read More... //

'The Newsroom' Recap: Shady Sources and Selective Editing

The ACN team is on the hunt for more information about Genoa. Meanwhile, Will McAvoy worries about ratings, and a Mitt Romney spokesperson is having trouble on the job.            //

Review: 'The Newsroom' - 'One Step Too Many'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "One Step Too Many," the August 18 episode of HBO's "The Newsroom," in which the 'News Night' staff enjoys a night out before Jerry makes a big edit.   Read More... //

'The Newsroom' Season 2, episode 6: 'One Step Too Many' for the Genoa probe

The Red Team is in action.After several references to it earlier in the current Season 2, "One Step Too Many" -- Sunday's (Aug, 18) Aaron Sorkin-written episode of "The Newsroom" -- marked the official debut of the group assembled within Atlantis Cable News to dissect the Operation Genoa story before it made air.It was a lot for the room to digest, with the inference that American troops used sarin gas overseas leaving most of the attendees in stunned silence. Mac (Emily Mortimer) and Jerry Dantana (Hamish Linklater), the producer determined to follow through on the so-called "Genoa tip," led the recap by citing known information and sources.Jim (John Gallagher Jr.) immediately was skeptical of the story, with Don (Thomas Sadoski) also questioning much of what was presented. And when asked for his take, "voice of reason" Charlie (Sam Waterston) stated simply, "I think it happened, and I think we're two inches away from proving it."A... //

The Newsroom 2.05 "News Night with Will McAvoy" Review: More Than Words

I’m rough, I’m tough, I’m king of the jungle—let’s play  The Newsroom . “Hey, I saw Bob today. Yeah, we ate lunch together. It was good to see him.” “Really? What did you talk about?” “Uh—I don’t remember. But it was great.” Has this ever happened to you? This kind of phenomenon happens to me all of the time. (One of my friends posits that this is the hallmark of a great conversation.) Strangely enough, this is how I felt while watching  The Newsroom’s  “News Night with Will McAvoy.” Well—kind of. I could tell you what transpired over this hour of television, but that doesn’t really seem germane. Where “News Night with Will McAvoy” succeeds is not it’s expositional content, it’s the tone of the episode.   Read more at  //  

The Newsroom 2.04 "Unintended Consequences" Review: Murderlize

Gut punch—let’s play  The Newsroom. When I was a senior I high school, I was in a car accident. (The song playing on the radio as I crashed: “We Are the Champions.” I couldn’t make this up.) I managed to escape the fray unscathed, but my car wasn’t so lucky; it was totaled. I remember being wracked with unthinkable guilt, guilt on top of my usual dosage of guilt. (I could have used Maggie’s prescription for Paxil.) I was ashamed of everything about myself. I wanted to efface my very existence. And so I flippantly decided to obliterate my definable physical characteristic. I cut my Geddy Lee esque hair. So when I watch Maggie clinically cut her hair in front of the mirror, it makes total sense to me. I get it: Part of her blames herself for the death of Daniel—the boy who gawked admiringly at her blond locks—and she needed to disassociate. It was a poignant scene, marred only by the gratuitous flashback to her reading to the boy at school. (I really didn’t need to be reminded of this. I actually found it somewhat insulting.) Read more at  //  

The Newsroom Review: Fix the Crazy Problem

There are times when watching The Newsroom can be a frustrating experience - and " News Night with Will McAvoy " was one of those times. I was surprised when the show brought up the Trayvon Martin case. On the heels of the trial, it all felt too soon. But then I realized that this episode was probably filmed months in advance, around the time the 911 call George Zimmerman made was released.  Throughout the story, I wondered what was the point they were trying to make by rehashing it all and I found it interesting that the other people I watched the show with all had differing opinions. Read More... //

The Newsroom "News Night With Will McAvoy" Review: Let's Talk About X

"News Night With Will McAvoy" had fair intentions in its aim to discuss internet-shaming, sexism, and audience relations, all against the backdrop of personal tragedy. But like most Newsroom episodes that miss their mark, multiple targets resulted in shots going wide. Read More... //

The Newsroom Recap: ‘You’re Impressive’

  It feels like it’s been months since our last Newsroom recap. When we last left the show, it was October 2011, and all was fraught. Maggie was returning from a Peace Corps volunteer’s worst nightmare, Jim was bribing his way into bed, and Jerry Dantana still worked in New York City. Now, five months later, things are different — things are better.   “News Night With Will McAvoy” was the best Newsroom episode ever, a taut hour devoid of schmaltzy musical cues, exploitative appropriation of the news, and forced romances. Instead, it was an episode that unfolded in real time, urgent and raw. It was an hour of Newsroom about an hour of News Night . Flitting between various pairings — anchor and producer, source and journalist, PTSD alcoholic and the interventionist who helped ruin her life, etc. — it was the most structurally cohesive Newsroom to date. It felt like something that has been missing from TV over the past few years. It felt like an Aaron Sorkin show.  Read More... //

Review: 'The Newsroom' - 'News Night with Will McAvoy'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "News Night with Will McAvoy," the August 11 episode of HBO's "The Newsroom," and says that an episode set in real time avoids most of the show's usual pitfalls.  Read More... //