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The Office Premiere: What was your favorite moment?

Wow. I missed The Office as much as I miss chocolate on a diet! Speaking of dieting, what was your favorite moment of The Office's "Weight Loss" premiere? My favorites go to: *Michael throwing himself down the stairs to say goodbye to Pam - with a poem he left by his desk. But no worries, he made up for it by trying to go for the kiss after Jim. *Dwight and Angela's sneaky hook-ups - "It's the last time! I have a fiance I very much like." (But really - it seems she's decided she DOES very much like him!) *Holly freaking out at Angela for yelling at Kevin about how stupid he is! I'm not a fan of Holly looking stupid, but a HUGE fan of that entire ridiculous moment on all sides of it! *Michael running around with Pam-in-computer and Pam doing her regular interview... with the laptop sitting on the chair. *Michael: "What's the number one cause of death in America?" Dwight: "Shot gun weddings!" *Um, let's see... JIM PROPOSING! In the RAIN! So incredibly adorable. That was perfectly Jim & Pam - very sweet and romantic, but unplanned, and understated in the episode. I really like that their relationship doesn't take over the show, yet is absolutely amazing all the time. What was your fav hilarious or otherwise awesome moment? Check out SideReel's full review of the premiere: The Office Premiere: Weight Loss Gone Wild! Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

Premiere Week Fav TV Couples: What will happen with JAM, Mer-Der, and Betty?

With the big premieres of some of our fav fall shows this week, specifically the thrilling premieres of Thursday, there are plenty of edge-of-your-seat couple questions to be answered! So, what are your predictions of what's to come this season for these in-limbo couples? The Office Couples: *What will happen with Jim & Pam? Has JAM gotten engaged over the summer? (If so, we must kill the writers!) Has Jim gotten discouraged or is he waiting for the next perfect moment to propose? Will Pam be feeling uneasy and getting unhappy with Jim if he hasn't proposed? *What will happen with Angela/Dwight/Andy? Ah, yes, Andy - the evil ruiner of all that is good and JAM! His proposal to Angela may have destroyed the perfect JAM night, but it didn't ruin Dwight's night as much as we would think! *How about Michael? Will he and Holly get together or will Michael's non-fatherhood with Jan destroy it? Grey's Anatomy Couples: *What happened after the Mer-Der cliffhanger of Meredith proclaiming her love and Derek running away to break things off with Rose? *Promos show Rose telling Derek she's pregnant - where will this take them? *What will happen with George and Lexie? *How about our new fav couple possibility, Callie and Erica?? Ugly Betty Couple(s): *Yes, this one's pretty straight-forward - who will Betty choose? Henry? Gio? No one? Comment with your predictions as we await these thrilling couple answers (or hints thereof!) with their returns Thursday night! Photo courtesy of dundermifflinpaper.blogspot.com

Who is TV's Best Bromance

Which male couple do you think is TV's biggest Bromance and why? House & Wilson - House Barney & Ted - How I Met Your Mother Chuck Bass & Nate Archebold - Gossip Girl Michael & Dwight - The Office McDreamy & McSteamy - Grey's Anatomy


I Love Toby. I would leave Jim for Toby

Olympics Casting Call: Looking for Michael Phelps

With the awesomeness of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in full swing on NBC, E! Online says, "we can't help but wonder if Hollywood might make a biopic or two about some of Beijing's A-list athletes" - especially with Brad Pitt the actor/Brad Pitt the boxer hanging around! Could we have a John Krasinski/Michael Phelps deal going on with their boyish good looks and charm? How about a David Archuleta/British diver Tom Daley match up? Check out the article below and comment with your thoughts on what Hollywood stars could match up with our new favorite NBC stars of the Olympics! Casting Call: Looking for Michael Phelps Photo courtesy of eonline.com

Review of "The Rocker"

Rainn Wilson Becomes the Rocker I was able to see an early screening of "The Rocker" and it was HILARIOUS. I knew Rainn Wilson was going to be funny, but I had no idea just how funny that would be. It was a real departure from his role on "The Office," but hilarious all the same. Here's a more in-depth review: Rainn Wilson Becomes the Rocker

Comedy of the Week: What's your favorite Jim & Pam Moment?

Today has been declared Jim & Pam day of our The Office Comedy of the Week with the We Heart Jim & Pam feature, so what's your favorite Jim and Pam moment or episode? It's hard to choose, but I'm going with the Season 3 finale when Jim popped in on Pam's chat with the camera to ask her to dinner, leaving her with, "Great, then it's a date," and an enormous smile! Photo courtesy of NBC.com

Answers To Trivia! Don't Cheat!

Hey guys! I hoped you enjoyed the trivia and from the comments I can tell that people thought the questions were pretty challenging, so here are the correct answers (the episode name is next to them). 1. Ryan (Producer's Cut: The Return) 2. Morgan (Did I Stutter?) 3. Samtanko (Launch Party) 4. Anderson (Fun Run) 5. Mr. A. Knife (Survivor Man) 6. 15 (Christmas Party) 7. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police (Phyllis's Wedding) 8. Hot Sauce (Christmas Party) 9. 6: Anthony, Hannah, Martin, Andy, Karen, and Jim (The Merger) 10. Peach colored roses (Phyllis's Wedding) 11. Brazilian (Diversity Day) 12. Sasha (Take Your Daughter To Work Day) 13. The yearbook picture, a golf pencil, a boggle timer, a hot sauce packet, or a cassette tape (Christmas Party) 14. Christian (The Client) 15. E-mail Surveillance & Pam 16. Here Comes Treble (Gay Witch Hunt) 17. Pam (Health Care) 18. Angela (Health Care) 19. Creed, Oscar, Meredith, and Toby (Survivor Man) The big mistake about birthday month is that in The Alliance, Pam states that the only birthday coming up is Meredith's and that it is a moth away. If all of these birthdays are so close together, it seems impossible that this would be true. 20. The same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns (The Job) 21. Get Busy by Sean Paul (Booze Cruise) 22. 3: Hot Girl, The Fire, Booze Cruise 23. 5: Office Olympics, Michael's Birthday, Casino Night, Diwali, A Benihana Christmas 24. Love Actually and Uptown Girls (Safety Training) 25. A bowler and it says "The Spicy Curry Award" (The Dundies) 26. Gruel. And you can eat your own hair (The Convict) 27. Mufasa (Grief Counseling) 28. Sushi (Diwali) 29. For The Longest Time (Sorry guys, I don't know which ep this is from!) 30. Dana (The Secret) 31. Cindy (A Benihana Christmas) 32. The boy who sits across from Michael at his telemarketing job (Money) 33. Mixed Berry (Pilot) 34. Jamie (Product Recall) 35. The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Closer To Fine by Indigo Girls, or Lovefool by The Cardigans (Product Recall, Diwali, and The Initiation) 36. Prerogative (Night Out) 37. Wow, this was not a fair question. At different times in the show she has worn a unicorn, butterfly, dove, and diamond charm on a gold chain, so sorry for the confusion. Any of those answers are accepted. 38. A prism duro mp3 player (The Injury) Stupid Roy! 39. He makes it huge, changes his middle name from Kurt to Fart, and says that he is a security threat (Conflict Resolution) 40. Dwide Shrude (Drug Testing) 41. For not saving the excess oil form a can of tuna (Safety Training) 42. The Pratt Institute: School of Art & Design (Goodbye, Toby) 43. Jeff (Phyllis's Wedding) 44. Another ambiguous question, SORRY! Oscar is technically the one heard saying to Pam that he really missed their friendship (he was making fun of her), but Pam says that Jim said that he really missed their friendship also. Confusing! (The Job) 45. 6 years (Goodbye, Toby) 46. Fargo, Edward Scissorhands, Dazed and Confused (in her top 3, so suck it),The Breakfast Club, & The Princess Bride (The Fire) 47. Kent, Joe, and Madge (Branch Wars) Hope that answered all your questions!

Missing Scranton? Let's Play Trivia!

So I'm sure you guys are missing our beautiful friends in Scranton, PA as much as I am, so I thought to pass the time and help with the loneliness, I'd make up some trivia for everyone. Hope you enjoy it! You can tell us how you did or comment on the post if you want. I'll post the answers soon. 1. Once, Andy called me Big Turkey. Who am I? 2. What is Pam's middle name? 3. On second life, what is Philly Jim's last name? (It's not Halpert) 4. What is Roy's last name. 5. Dwight keeps many weapons in the office. One of them is in a folder in the filing cabinet under what name? 6. At the first Christmas party, how many bottles of vodka does Michael bring. (Hint: It's enough to get everyone plastered) 7. What song does Karen sing at Phyllis's wedding? 8. What did Pam put on her hot dog that she thought was catsup? 9. How many people are transferred from Stanford to Scranton (including Jim)? 10. What kind of flowers did Roy get Pam for their prom? 11. During diversity day (part II), what nationality is Meredith supposed to be? 12. What is Toby's daughter's name? 13. Name three thing Jim puts into Pam's teapot as bonus christmas gifts? 14. What is the name of the client in The Client? 15. In what episode do you find out that Dwight and Angela are dating? Who is the first one to notice? 16. What is the name of the a cappella group Andy was in at Cornell? 17. In Health Care, who writes that they have a Government created Killer Nano-Robot infection? 18. Who has dermatitis? 19. Whose birthdays are during birthday month? (Extra Schrute Bucks for knowing why there is a mistake about birthday month) 20. What is the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks? 21. What song does Michael do his "dance" to on the boat? 22. How many episodes and which ones are Katy in? 23. How many episodes and which ones are Carol in? 24. When the Office is betting, what 2 out of the 6 romantic comedies do we hear Kelly talk about while explaining how netflix works? 25. What kind of a trophy does Kelly win at the Dundies? What does it say? 26. What, according to Prison Mike, is the food like in prison? 27. During Ryan's story in Grief Counseling, he says that his cousin is named... 28. What kind of food does Andy, Karen, and Jim get when they do order form consolidation? 29. What is Dwight's favorite song? 30. What is the name of Michael and Jim's waitress when they go to Hooters? 31. What is the name of Michael, Andy, Dwight, and Jim's waitress when they go to Benihana? 32. In Basketball, Jim wears a Scranton tee-shirt. This shirt is warn again in another episode by someone else. Who is this person? (this one's really hard!) (that's what she said) 33. Here's an easy one to ease the pain from the last. What is Pam's favorite flavor yogurt? 34. What is the name of Andy's girlfriend who's in high school and a part time frozen-yogurt chef? 35. Name two songs Andy and Jim have sung together. 36. What is the name of the club where Michael and Dwight go to party with Ryan in the city? 37. What is the charm on Pam's gold necklace? 38. Roy said he was going to get Pam an iPod for Christmas. What does he end up getting her? 39. In Conflict Resolution, Jim changes 3 things to Dwight's I.D. badge. What are they? 40. What was Dwight's great-grandfather's name? 41. Why was dwight shunned from the age of four until his sixth birthday? 42. Pam got into art school! Yay Pam! What is the name of the school she will be attending? 43. What is the name of Michael's step-dad? 44. Who tells Pam that he's really missed their friendship after Pam's awesome speech at the beach? 45. How many years has Andy been carrying an engagement ring in his wallet for? 46. What are Pam's top 6 movies? (Her favorite is never mentioned so just #s 6-2) 47. When Michael, Dwight, and Jim go on a "panty-raid" to Utica they wear warehouse uniforms. Wha

The Office is gone...What Do We Do?

Hello! I'm bored! Without the constant stream of news and reviews to look at and discuss here, and without the actual show, WHAT are we, the loyal obsessors of The Office , supposed to do until the time when the season premiere is on! Please comment your suggestions on how to pass that loooong time!