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The Office 'Business Trip': We Laughed, We Cried...

The Office got a whole lot more cultured this week as Michael, Andy, and Oscar headed out for an exciting international business trip - to Canada. We heard David Wallace explaining he was glad Michael was excited about the trip since he knew Michael was sad about Holly leaving, and David actually felt bad about transferring her. But Michael was an adult about it, and told David not to worry and it was all in the past. So off they went to Canada with Michael all excited about getting star treatment in business class on the plane, and geisha treatment from the hotel consierege - yikes! The best moments of this business trip were Andy trying to hook up Michael with the consierege at the bar, Andy trying to hook up Oscar with two straight guys, then Andy and Oscar drinking too many Long Island Ice Teas and drunk calling Angela - to ask her why she wouldn't "do it" with Andy! I'm feeling really bad for Andy in this Angela situation as yeah, he's a moron, but he really is such a nice guy who wants to be happy and in love. I don't think he really is in love with Angela, but he'll still be crushed if/when he discovers the truth of what's going on. And speaking of that truth, how hilarious, scandalous, and awful that when Andy called Angela, and we heard "who is it, monkey?" in the background from Dwight! So we were left with Andy feeling stupid and awful when he realized that call to Angela was not a drunken dream, but a drunken reality, and Michael realizing he couldn't go through with hooking up with the consierege, leading him to call David Wallace at the airport to tell him how awful the trip was, and how "sucky" a thing it was that David moved Holly. So sad! Meanwhile, back at the office, the main drama was around Jim and Pam, as Pam was supposed to be back working at the Scranton office after completing her design classes the following week. But Pam found out she was failing one of her classes, and would have to retake it if she wanted that credit! Jim was clearly bummed by this, as was Pam, since it would take 3 more months of living apart, but Jim being the sweetheart he is, told her she should come back the right way, meaning feeling good about completing and passing her design program. At the point of Pam getting off the phone with Jim in tears over this, I thought for a moment maybe Pam was lying to Jim about failing the class. She's a smart girl who doesn't seem to be the type to suddenly be failing, plus her probably interested NY guy friend asked her last week to stay in NY to continue her art experience. So I was thinking maybe Pam wanted to stay longer, and didn't know how to tell Jim besides lying about having to stay for a class! But it turned out that possible JAM betrayal was not true as Pam appeared outside Dunder Mifflin at the end of the day to meet Jim, telling him she was coming back and it wasn't because of him - she wanted to be home, and she hated graphic design - but Jim didn't wipe that smile off his face, and oh the JAM cuteness - hooray! That is, until Dwight showed up to ask Pam if she was back and to make some copies, but what better way to welcome Pam back?? So it looks like we'll finally be back to having Jim and Pam together and Pam a part of the office again which will be great as the chemistry is all off without her there. We'll have to deal with the new Kelly-Ryan drama, the continued Andy-Angela-Dwight triangle, plus see how Michael fairs now that he's admitted he's not fine with Holly's absence. What did you think? Did you love this episode with the pains of waiting another week for more or did you feel so-so about it? Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

The Office "Business Trip" Review or WMFL (Wing Man For Life)

Once again I thought it was way too much plot shoved into a measly 30 minutes. Don;t get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode, but I wanted to see more of the business trip. Can anyone tell me if the concierge was Clementine from Reno 911? If not, it was for sure her doppelganger. Andy was freakin hilarious this episode. I loved that he wore a beret to Canada. It's not even cool to wear a beret in France for god sakes. That would be like me wearing a sombrero to east L.A. He also.. Read More

Episode Recap: "Business Trip"

In "Business Trip," Michael is sent on an international mission to Canada, with Andy and Oscar in tow, where Michael learns first-hand about the hospitality of Canadian concierges, and we learn that Andy is a determined wingman for his friends - regardless of their sexual orientation. Meanwhile, Jim has a spring in his step because Pam returns in a week, while Ryan takes advantage of his upcoming relocation to try to drive a wedge between Kelly and Darryl. Does Michael's Canadian tryst allow him to forget Holly? Will Darryl and Ryan duke it out over Kelly? Does the potency of Canadian-made Long Island Iced Teas establish a bond between Andy and Oscar? And are Jim and Pam finally on the verge of reuniting? These are the burning questions from this week's episode. read full recap from TvGuide