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How many pregnancies is too many? lol

So actually how many teens do u think will end up with kids by the end of this series? 10? 20? lmao. But seriously, how many teens (in a close-knit group) can realistically get pregnant on this show?!? They're pushing it! They need to start focussing more on quote unquote 'normal' teen issues, and if necessary sprinkle the pregnancies throughout - but a little more sparsely. lol

Calling all Secret Life fans!

Hi Secret Life fans! I’m here on behalf of ABC Family to talk to you about the show. I’ll have clips, guest star news and other cool info, and I can also answer any questions you guys might have during the season. What do you guys think of the new season so far?

Season 3 Countdown!

Who's with me?? After the last episode, I have been DYING to know what happens with Adrian!!! And Ben and Amy for that matter. Can't wait for the season premiere! 25 Days....

2 names: Ashley Ricky

OMG I totally love the look of them together however there are some lines you shouldn't cross even if your sister may or may not be a whore going after her baby daddy is just wrong. Ricky is her nephew's father. But Ashley is good for Ricky really good better than all the other females in his life anyway and i never really did like the look of Griffin's cousin anyway although their relationship was sweet... What do you guys think about this potential relationship?

I've given up on the Secret Life

The first season was great, but once the baby was born the show just went downhill. Amy is always putting herself and her social life before her own child and its just so unrealistic. I know teen mothers and they don't act as selfish and stupid as Amy. That and the rest of the cast are just so unrealistic! Every female character is obviously suffering brain damage because they are all just so stupid! the white one: the Christian cheerleading virgin who had sex and now masterbates like crazy....yeah that ALWAYS happens... the latin slut: the whore who now wants a boyfriend but can sleep with someone else at the drop of a hat. The red head: well enough said, she's a complete moron the black one: could she be any more pretentious the Asian one: the nymphomaniac...enough said


Im new to this right, Well I dont know how to watch it on THIS site? Can you watch it on this website?

Secret Life......

Can someone sorta try to explain the values in this show...cos sometimes i hardly get what the heck is going on. Its fun watching them skip school because i can relate to that but whats with the oral sex and masterbation thing? Its grossly pointless i think

Ricky and Amy

When is Amy going to stop pushing Ricky away? They should be together, Ben & Amy are just a faux-pas couple. So please, when are they finally going to be parents together as a couple?

Whirlwind Episode

Did anyone else feel like this episode just zoomed through the summer without much explanation? I can forgive most of these but the abrupt Anne - George conversation was a little out of the blue, and I did not get why Ricky and Adrian are cheating on each other... I wonder what the next episode will be like.

Happy Parents' Day: Nominate TV's Worst Parents! - Featured

Nominations have now closed. The top 10 worst parents have been determined, so come vote for the ultimate worst TV parents! Happy Parents' Day: Vote for TV's Ultimate Worst Parents! In honor of Sunday's Parents' Day and a great, but non-winning category from the SideReel Flunkies , we want to know who you think qualify as the worst parents on TV! From the neglectful and self-obsessed parents of Family Guy , The Simpsons , or Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill to those who raise some just plain awful children like on The Secret Life of The American Teenager ... or to the seriously manipulative and evil parents on shows like Heroes , who do you think make for some of the worst TV parents? In the comments below, nominate the parents you love to hate or love for being so utterly ridiculous (since thank goodness it isn't real life)! The top 10 parents nominated will go on to a round of voting to determine the worst parent(s) on TV. If you want to see your favs or most hated take the win, feel free to comment noting parents already nominated, plus add any others you'd like to the list. Go forth and bash some parents!!