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2 names: Ashley Ricky

OMG I totally love the look of them together however there are some lines you shouldn't cross even if your sister may or may not be a whore going after her baby daddy is just wrong. Ricky is her nephew's father. But Ashley is good for Ricky really good better than all the other females in his life anyway and i never really did like the look of Griffin's cousin anyway although their relationship was sweet... What do you guys think about this potential relationship?


Im new to this right, Well I dont know how to watch it on THIS site? Can you watch it on this website?

Whirlwind Episode

Did anyone else feel like this episode just zoomed through the summer without much explanation? I can forgive most of these but the abrupt Anne - George conversation was a little out of the blue, and I did not get why Ricky and Adrian are cheating on each other... I wonder what the next episode will be like.