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Animation celebration sneak peek!

Hey all, Fancast is doing a fun Animation Celebration beginning Monday, 2/2, but you can get a sneak peek now. It's at Of course, the usual animation biggies are there - Family Guy, The Simpsons, King of the Hill....as well as classics like Wallace & Gromit, Looney Tunes, The Jetsons, the Smurfs, the Flintstones, Speed Racer. And there's some great anime as part of it, including Thundercats, Avatar, and adult anime including Mushi-Shi, Naruto and Basilisk Also included is the best of SNL's Funhouse. (There's even some not-for-kids stuff - the infamous X-rated Fritz the Cat. :) If you love animation, check it out. Cheers, Jim (for Fancast)

Favorite TV Families: Who's the Craziest of them All?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the craziest TV family of them all? While SideReel does a lot of cool stuff, our mirrors are sadly not magical, so we'll have to leave this decision up to you! As we approach Thanksgiving and those who celebrate near having to face their own crazy families, who doesn't love to chat with their friends pre-Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving to compare and compete over who's family is truly the craziest? So it's time to appreciate the nuttiness and take the friendly holiday competition to our Favorite TV Families - of all the nutty TV families, who do you think is craziest of them all? Here's our list ranked with #1 as the craziest, including families who are lousy with super-power weirdness, to those who are just plain insane, so comment with your own choices! 1 - Arrested Development : The Bluths 2 - 3rd Rock from the Sun : The Solomons 3 - The Addams Family : The Addams 4 - Family Guy : The Griffins 5 - American Dad! : The Smiths 6 - The Simpsons : The Simpsons 7 - Dirty Sexy Money : The Darlings 8 - Seinfeld : The Costanzas 9 - The Sopranos : The Sopranos 10 - Sons of Anarchy : The Teller-Morrows 11 - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles : The Connors 12 - Heroes : The Petrellis 13 - Smallville : The Kents 14 - Big Love : The Henricksons 15 - Everybody Loves Raymond : The Barones 16 - Desperate Housewives : The Van de Kamp-Hodges 17 - That 70's Show: The Foremans 18 - Full House : The Tanners 19 - Malcolm in the Middle : Malcom's family 20 - Gilmore Girls : The Gilmores Photo courtesy of flickr.com

Favorite TV Families: Who's Your Fav TV Dad?

Earlier this week for our Thanksgiving holiday theme of Favorite TV Families, we gave our favorite TV moms some love, so now it's those TV dads' turn! The roles of fathers on television have evolved over time like the roles of mothers have, though in different ways as mothers on TV often reflect the changes throughout time for women moving from trapped in the kitchen housewives to working moms, and so much more, while to be very general about it, TV dad roles have mostly changed in how involved dads are with the family and how he treats his work life and family life. Since the times of Leave It to Beaver , dads are more involved with their kids, for the most part, than coming home to dinner on the table, and children clean and perfect. Back in the day we'd see dad check in with the family then continue working or play with briefly with the kids before bedtime. As TV has progressed, we still see uninvolved dads who spend most of their time at work, but even those who do work a lot like the lovable Cliff Huxtable, Danny Tanner, or Eric Taylor are still shown very often having meaningful life chats and fun bonding moments with their children, showing that TV dads, just like real dads, have become more involved in their kids lives, no longer assuming children were meant to be left to their housewives to raise and care for... but then you always have your satirical dads like Peter Griffin who don't remember their kids' names - ah, the joy of our fav animated families knocking American life at all times. So, caring and considerate or hilariously inattentive, here are some of our favorite TV dads, so check them out and comment with your own favorites! The Cosby Show : Cliff Huxtable Boy Meets World : Allen Matthews The O.C. : Sandy Cohen Full House : Danny Tanner, Jesse Katsopolis Family Matters : Carl Winslow Who's the Boss? : Tony Micelli Home Improvement : Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor Friday Night Lights : Coach Eric Taylor The Simpsons : Homer Simpson Family Guy : Peter Griffin American Dad! : Steve Smith Arrested Development : George Bluth Sr., Michael Bluth Gossip Girl : Rufus Humphrey Kyle XY : Stephen Trager Big Love : Bill Henrickson That 70's Show: Red Forman Married with Children: Al Bundy Everybody Loves Raymond : Ray Barone, Frank Barone Good Times: James Evans Sr. The Brady Bunch : Mike Brady Sanford & Son: Fred Sanford Desperate Housewives : Carlos Solis Ugly Betty : Ignacio Suarez 90210 : Harry Wilson Check out more Favorite TV Families features: Top Classic Families Top Oddball Families Making the Non-Traditional a Tradition Who's Your Fav TV Mom? Photo courtesy of asidebsidemedia.com

Favorite TV Families: Who's Your Fav TV Mom?

As families, parental roles, and gender expectations have evolved over the years, so have those roles we see reflected with added drama and comedy on our televisions! In the 50's and 60's, we had moms like June Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver who was the picture of domestic perfection, and then we started to move into the times of the still pretty darn perfect, but a lot more busy, moms like Carol Brady. Soon enough, America was evolving right along, and their TV families were evolving too - a lot of moms were still shown spending plenty of time in the kitchen and taking care of their families, but also running to work like Roseanne Conner, Clair Huxtable, Harriet Winslow, Jill Taylor, and plenty more! Now we have more moms like Tami on Friday Night Lights who continue to care for their families, but like real American women, have found much more of a compromise to their work and family lives than mothers of TV past. We've also evolved into much more of a satirical view on families as so many appear in comedies, even in the animated variety like The Simpsons and Family Guy poking fun at American families instead of teaching us life lessons like the days of many family shows of the past. So with all these changes for TV families, and specifically TV moms over the years, who have your favorite TV moms been of present and past, from the classic and traditional to the quirky and the crazy? Here are just a few of the many to ponder, so comment with those you like on the list or not. The Brady Bunch : Carol Brady The Cosby Show : Clair Huxtable Boy Meets World : Amy Matthews Full House : Becky Donaldson That 70's Show: Kitty Forman Home Improvement : Jill Taylor Family Matters : Harriet Winslow Roseanne : Roseanne Conner Friday Night Lights : Tami Taylor Kyle XY : Nicole Trager 7th Heaven : Annie Camden Family Ties : Elyse Keaton Married with Children: Peggy Bundy Brothers & Sisters : Nora Walker Who's the Boss? : Angela Bower The O.C. : Kirsten Cohen Gilmore Girls : Lorelai Gilmore The Simpsons : Marge Simpson Family Guy : Lois Griffin American Dad! : Francine Smith Arrested Development : Lucille Bluth Desperate Housewives : Lynette Scavo, Bree Hodge Dirty Sexy Money : Letitia Darling Everybody Loves Raymond : Debra Barone, Marie Barone 90210 : Debbie Wilson Photo courtesy of media.canada.com


Funniest Show ever.

The Simpsons or Family Guy?!

What do you like better?! The Simpsons or Family Guy. For me it's the simpsons as the Simpsons is the original animated adult comedy series and family guy is just a knock off. Family guy ripped like a thousand jokes off of the simpsons. Besides that the Simpsons have been around and have been successful for like 18 years continuously while family guy was here for two years -was cancelled- and then came back again. The Simpsons rule! I just find the simpsons to be more contstantly funny, although I watch the family guy sometimes. What do you think?

family guy-the simpsons-or American dad

Not picking any favorites for myself I just want to know what you think about them.

The Simpsons


Many Years

i agree wit ya canuck1984....i've been watching simpsons since the beggining and i dont find it as "knee slapping funny" like i used to.....like you said as you age personal views on humour may change.......I still really enjoy the show and will prob continue watching until it ends

To be honest...

The Simpsons hasn't changed a whole lot over the course of it's run. I mean this in a positive light of course. True enough, it doesn't make me laugh as much as it did so many years ago, but keep in mind that humour is a personal thing that changes as one gets older. I began watching The Simpsons as a child, and I laughed long and hard at most of the jokes. Flash forward 15 years however, and I laugh at a quarter of what I used to laugh at as a child. The show still amuses me, keeps me entertained, but it's just not 'knee-slapping' funny anymore; mainly due to my age and what I like to think of as a higher level of maturity. ;) The Simpsons is a classic. It's not meant to have a major overhaul every few years to keep it entertaining. In fact, if it were to change so drastically, it would most likely lose a good portion of it's fan base. A fan base which is primarily made up of 10-15 year olds I might add; who probably find it as funny as I found it at that age. It's a good show, maybe not for everyone, but for those of us that like it... it's fine just the way it is. (Anything tends to get a little stale when it's around for 20 odd years).