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Suite life on deck season 3 episode 5 Bon Voyage

When The underwater Lounge on the ship sinks, Mr.Moseby accused Zack,Cody,London,Bailey and Marcus for the accident. He says whoever did this will be excpelled from the ship and school. And marcus leaves the ship for a music video with the fake little little.

Suite Life on Deck: 3:3: Dishes out a new school dance

Suite life on Deck's latest episode, "Think You Can Date" is dealing with Bailey and Cody still healing from their break up. There is a flashback to the 80's slash a Renaissance dance. Students had the choice to dress up to either of the themes. Cody and Bailey lie to each other and say they have dates. Both are really bad at getting dates. They are just awkward. No wonder they need help. Zack and London help them. Surprisingly Zack and London are good at something. Maybe they would help me. I am just joking. But they did a decent job. Bailey and Cody have dates. But they are not themselves and act stranger than normal at the dance. Bailey and Cody dance a slow dance at the end. Bailey and Cody should end their fight already. They are perfect. Both say smart saying that only each other would understand. I think they will get back together. Side note: London makes up weird words like smarticialls. It's quite entertaining. You never know what comes out of her mouth. My favorite part of the episode was London and Zack going on Bailey and Cody's shoulders. They were an inch size. Read more form this author >>

Suite Life...

Me and my family watched alot of episodes of Suite Life of Zack and Cody, now Suite Life on Deck is out which is great and even funnier then the other ones. And each new episode gets more interesting and interesting. If you start watching, you can't really stop. And the commercials are even funner and get you motivated to watch. This movie is great!


i really like the suite life on deck! i like the plot - school at sea. it's cool.