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Conan O'Brien 'Tonight Show' gets Emmy nod; Jay Leno doesn't

Who's Team Coco? That would be the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences members. "The Tonight Show" with host Conan O'Brien -- not Jay Leno -- received four Emmy nominations Thursday morning (July 8), a bittersweet recognition after such ugly controversy. After NBC gave him the boot, the network could be in the position to air his Emmy acceptance speech during the live telecast on Sunday, Aug. 29. To Read More Click Here .

Conan O'Brien Joins Twitter - Featured

More than a one month after exiting The Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien returned to the spotlight - with the debut of his Twitter account. "Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me," he tweeted on what his rep has confirmed to be his real account. On the page, his location is listed as Los Angeles, and his bio says: "I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter account." Only five hours after joining the popular social media site, O'Brien had amassed 165,202 followers. However, only time - and tweets - will tell when or if O'Brien will discuss what's next. Last week, The Wrap reported O'Brien is planning to tour the country with a new live show. Are you excited to see O'Brien on Twitter? Source Here

Conan is Hitting the Road for a Live Stage Show - Featured

Those of you waiting for Conan O'Brien to come back to television in some form are going to have to wait a little while first - he's hitting the road. TheWrap.com says that Conan and his team at William Morris Endeavor have been planning the road shows for a couple of weeks now but haven't wanted to say anything until now. He can't go on TV for a while but he can go on stage! Conan will also have a web show at some point, before his TV show debuts (if there is a TV show, though we all assume there will be at some point the only question is where). This is still in the early stages so there's no word yet on what cities will be on the tour or what the shows will be like (though there probably won't be a Masturbating Bear). Source Here

Leno Ends Prime-Time Show; Will You Watch Him at 11:35? - Featured

NBC's brief, disastrous experiment with bringing Jay Leno to prime time ends tonight at 10/9c, as The Jay Leno Show airs it last episode. Leno returns March 1 to The Tonight Show, which he hosted for 17 years before ceding it to Conan O'Brien for seven months. Guests for the final Jay Leno Show will be Ashton Kutcher and Bob Costas. Many fans of O'Brien, who left NBC as a result of its late-night shakeup, vowed never to watch the re-Leno-gized Tonight Show. But Leno has already scored public relations points with a Super Bowl ad that found him watching the game with Oprah Winfrey and longtime rival David Letterman. Source Here

Ratings: 10.3 Million Tune In for O'Brien's Final Tonight Show

Amid intense speculation over his next career move and Jay Leno's widely criticized return to late night, Conan O'Brien stepped down as host of The Tonight Show to his biggest audience ever. The final episode netted 10.3 million viewers and a 4.4 rating in the adults 18-to-49 demo. Featuring Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and others, O'Brien's last appearance even beat his widely publicized 11:35 debut in June, which attracted 9.2 million viewers and a 3.8 demo rating. O'Brien's last week on the air averaged 5.3 million viewers - second only to his first week on the job - and helpd O'Brien score his all-time best demo rating of 2.4. His final episodes showcased the host in top form as he took multiple shots at NBC and Leno, his Tonight Show predecessor and successor. O'Brien's ratings were a steep increase from his season-to-date average of 2.8 million viewers and a 1.1 demo rating. On Thursday's Oprah Winfrey Show, Leno argued O'Brien's ratings in Leno's former timeslot were "extremely poor" and "destructive" to The Tonight Show franchise. Leno will return to The Tonight Show March 1. Source Here

NBC takes down last Tonight Show blog post

Tonight Show staffer (with Conan, anyway) Aaron Bleyaert kept a blog and a Twitter account for the show since Conan took over last year. Of course, Jay Leno is coming back so he's no longer going to be doing the blog and wrote his last blog post when Conan's run on the show ended recently. NBC, however, took the blog post down. But Bleyaert still had the blog post so he put it on his personal site. He talks about how Conan's last show went, what the status was on the show and Conan's future (unknown at the time), talks about the team at NBC.com, how the show will be in repeats until the Olympics, and generally says goodbye until a new show starts up. I'm not really sure what NBC saw objectionable or questionable about it, unless it's like a reader says in the comments section of Aaron's blog that they might have been upset that he linked to his personal web site and personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. Source Here

Video: Conan O'Brien Expresses Gratitude to NBC on Last Show

"The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" lowered its curtain on Friday, January 22 with a gratitude from Conan O'Brien to NBC, his staff and his fans. The host opened the show with, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have exactly one hour to steal every single item in this studio." As for what he'll do next, Conan joked, "I will do nudity. HBO, when you make the movie, I would like to be played by Academy Award winner actress Tilda Swinton". Tom Hanks and unannounced guest Steve Carell showed up as his last interviews. "I don't want to get into a whole 'Coco, we hardly knew ye' thing. But honestly, in our house, you will always be the host of The Tonight Show," Tom said. The taping which was kicked off at 5/4c that day was closed to reporters. But Conan said that the network has allowed him to say anything he wanted, contrary to the spreading rumor that he was given a rundown of what to say and not to say. Few minutes before closing down, Conan said, "Between my time at 'Saturday Night Live', 'The Late Night Show', and my brief run here on 'The Tonight Show', I have worked with NBC for over 20 years. Yes, we have our differences right now and yes, we're going to go our separate ways. But this company has been my home for most of my adult life. I am enormously proud of the work we have done together, and I want to thank NBC for making it all possible." "...To all the people watching, I can never thank you enough for your kindness to me and I'll think about it for the rest of my life. All I ask of you is one thing: Please do not be cynical. I hate cynicism- it's my least favorite quality and it doesn't lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. As proof, let's make an amazing thing happen right now." Conan then welcomed Will Ferrell on the stage to perform with him, "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Source & Video

TV Tonight: What's On Friday 1/22 - Featured

While some of our Friday favorites like Smallville and Dollhouse are bumped tonight due to the worthy cause of the Hope for Haiti Now special, there's more to catch tonight including the premiere of Caprica ! Check out all that's on tonight: 8/7c Hope for Haiti Now on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel Batman: The Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network 9/8c Caprica on Syfy 10/9c Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz 11/10c John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien on NBC What will you be watching?

The 15 Greatest Conan O'Brien Characters

Conan O'Brien's last Tonight Show is tonight, and the exit of Conan from NBC's late night line-up means fans will soon be without some of the great characters his shows have created. From the early days of Late Night with Conan O'Brien to the present, Conan and his writing staff have come up with tons of hilarious characters. Some are foul-mouthed puppets, others are real people, and others are completely random. But whether you prefer a self-gratifying ursine, a Satanic pooch or a gastro-intestinally-challenged frog, Conan offered something for everyone. These are our 15 favorite Conan O'Brien characters of all-time. To Read More Click Here .

Manager: Conan Wants to Do New Show "As Soon As He Possibly Can"

Conan O'Brien wants to return to the air with another show "as soon as he possibly can" after his non-compete clause with NBC expires in September, his manager told TVGuide.com. "He'd like to do another show not dissimilar to what he did," Gavin Polone said. "And he'd like to work with the people he's been working with." O'Brien's $45 million exit deal with NBC, which includes a $12 million severance for his loyal staff members who moved out with him to Los Angeles last year for The Tonight Show, stipulates that he cannot work elsewhere until Sept. 1. Fox has already expressed interest in O'Brien, and others networks are putting feelers out as well. Polone declined to comment on any offers. O'Brien's last Tonight Show airs Friday. He will welcome guests Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks and musical guest Neil Young. Ferrell and Hanks were among his first guests in his debut week last June. Source Here