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Who Won The Voice Season 14 Tonight 5/22/18?

Tonight after another fantastic season it is the season 14 finale of The Voice 2018 and after weeks of grueling competition host Carson Daly will reveal of the finalists Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker, Britton Buchanan and Brynn Cartelli, who will be chosen to be the season 14 winner of The Voice 2018 by the end of the evening. Last night the four remaining contestants Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker, Britton Buchanan and Brynn Cartelli had some incredible performances. Did you watch last night’s show where the remaining contestants brought their"A" game? If you missed it you can check out our full and detailed recap, right here for you. READ MORE...

The Voice Finale Recap 5/22/18: Season 14 Episode 29 “Live Finale, Part 2”

The first performance of the evening brought Britton Buchanan with four performers from Season 14; Mia Boostrom, Wilkes, Christian Danielle and Jackie Foster to sing "In The Air Tonight," by Phil Collins. We take a look back at Kelly Clarkson’s first season on The Voice. Dua Lipa performers next her hit, "IDGAF." We look back at Kyla Jade’s journey on The Voice, Blake says that she is the best hugger and he hopes she wins – he made a connection with her and will remain friends. Kane Brown and Spensha Baker (Duet) – they perform Kane’s double-platinum No. 1 hit song "What Ifs." We take a look at Adam and the fun he has on the show. He goes in disguise and messes with people going on the Jurassic Park ride when he has downtime. READ MORE...

The Voice Recap 5/21/18: Season 14 Episode 27 “Live Finale, Part 1”

It all comes down to what happened tonight. There were four finalists remaining in the competition and each was going to be performing a good four times throughout the night. They were also going to be crisscrossing between covers and an original song created just for them, however, following their performances they would actually have to explain the significance of their original song. This song would, after all, launch their careers in the music industry as genuine artists and so everything from song selection to their original song had to have some meaning. The song would easily register with the audience at home if they could understand the story if not the emotion that went into it. The story-telling part also helped to keep the audience invested in the artists. Everyone has been following most of their stories. They know who’s grown up in the church and who was either married or dating someone, so these fans needed to believe that they did know these artists. They needed to be invested and to keep them invested these rising stars had to do more than sing an amazing original song. They also needed to show their journey on the show. Kyla Jade sat down with Carson Daily and her coach to talk about their first audition. The first time she performed for everyone she had been nervous and hadn’t known if anyone would turn around for her only she got lucky. READ MORE...

The Voice Recap 5/15/18: Season 14 Episode 26 “Live Semi-Final Results”

Tonight the four finalists will be revealed. The coaches take their chairs. Kane Brown and Panic at the Disco will perform as well as Blake. The Top 8 take the stage. Rayshun tells the audience that he is so happy to be here in this moment at this time. For Brynn, being on The Voice has been great because of the people she has met. Carson announces that he will begin announcing the finalists tonight in no particular order – Spensha Baker is headed to the finals. Kane Brown takes the stage to perform his single Heaven. The remaining 7 take the stage waiting to hear their fate take the stage. Carson announces that Brynn has made it to the finals. READ MORE...

The Voice Recap 5/14/18: Season 14 Episode 25 “Live Semi-Final Performances”

Voting was open as the TOP 8 performed gave it their all to their performances on tonight’s all-new episode of "The Voice". The contestants were usually solo artists. They figured out how they wanted to do the song and sometimes chose the song themselves because of their connection to it however that all changed tonight when they’re platform changed. They each had to share that stage with someone else and so it didn’t matter that they were also going to be giving a solo performance as well. Everyone knew that they had to carry the night flawlessly and that couldn’t happen when they had to sing with someone else. There was always going to be that one person one-upping the other and so this platform worked back during knockouts. Back then, they could out-sing the other because they were trying to impress the judges and unfortunately that was no longer an option. READ MORE...

The Voice Finale Recap: Was the Right Singer Named the Winner of Season 14?

Going into Tuesdays Season 14 finale of The Voice, the question seemed to be less Whos going to win? and more Was Kyla Jade or Brynn Cartelli going to win? (Which was still more suspenseful than the ending of Season 13, since a victory by Team Blakes Chloe Kohanski had been a foregone conclusion well []

The Voice Performance Finale Recap: And the Winner Is (Most Likely)...

A coupla weeks ago, I wouldve said that I was looking forward to the Finals of The Voice an extra lot in Season 14 because I really couldnt predict whod win. In Season 13, it had been obvious for a while ahead of the last performances that there was no stopping Chloe Kohanski, so there []

The Voice Top 8 Results Show Recap: Season 14's Final Four Revealed

Th-th-thats all, folks, Tuesdays episode of The Voice told four contestants ahead of Mondays performance finale. And as we approached the Results Show, the quartet that I predicted to advance Kyla Jade, Britton Buchanan, Brynn Cartelli and Pryor Baird was still looking pretty solid. The wild card in the mix seemed to be []

The Voice Top 8 Performance Recap: Who Sang Like Season 14's Winner?

Ahead of Mondays Season 14 Semi-Finals of The Voice, I was feeling pretty confident that I already knew which singers would be making up the Final Four: Team Blakes Pryor Baird and Kyla Jade, Team Alicias Britton Buchanan and Team Kellys Brynn Cartelli. (If they really do go to the Finals, that isnt half bad, []

The Voice Top 10 Results Show Recap: Which Singers Made the Semi-Finals?

OK, so it turned out that the biggest challenge for viewers during The Voices Challenge Week was not laughing at what in a number of cases passed for challenges. (Ive never sung a song that started with the letter M before yeah, it was basically like that.) Nonetheless, Mondays performances were still overall very []