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The Voice: Second Night of Battles Brings One More Steal

Artists went head-to-head in more heated Battles.   ...

The Voice Recap: It's Outdo or Bye on Night 2 of the Battle Rounds

On Night 2 of The Voices Season 13 Battles or, as I like to think of them, cage fights with high notes Carson Daly collected another paycheck for announcing what was obvious over and over again (The Battle starts now), and another half dozen vocalists did their damnedest to outduet one another. As []

The Voice Recap 10/16/17: Season 13 Episode 7 “The Battles Premiere”

Tonight the battle to win The Voice begins. Special guests join Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson. Rascal Flatts will advise Blake and his team. Kelly Rowland joins Jennifer. Joe Jonas and Adam will work together. While the father and daughter team of Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus are together again. The first pairing of the night is from team Jennifer. Twenty-six-year-old Lucas Holliday will go up against thirty-one-year-old Meagan McNeal. Both are thrilled to get the chance to work with Kelly. They will sing "My Prerogative" by Bobby Brown. Jennifer encourages both to hold back a little and to focus on their own performance, not each other. Miley was so impressed with both performers. Adam thought their happiness was infectious. Jennifer was so enthralled with how they both commanded the room but ultimately picks Lucas to continue on her team. Meagan is sent home. She thanks, Jennifer so much for the time they spent together. READ MORE...

The Voice Recap: Battle Stations!

Its a clich and a half to say that everything can change during The Voices Battles. In fact, if Carson Daly said it, Im sure Id roll my eyes. But its also, weirdly, true. Last season, I went into the Battles backing Felicia Temple and came out in awe of (eventual winner) Chris Blue. Going []

The Voice: Blind Auditions Come to a Close

The pressure was on as there were only a few more slots to fill for the season.   ...Read More...

The Voice Recap: Ladies' Night

As The Voices Season 13 Blind Auditions drew to a close Tuesday, coach Miley Cyrus made a big to-do about her hopes of rounding out the shows first-ever all-female team. But the chatter might have been just a distraction technique, as she was stealthily assembling the seasons strongest lineup, including standouts Ashland Craft and Moriah []

The Voice Recap: Third Try Blind

Monday, we began the third and final week of the Blind Auditions for Season 13 of The Voice, and though I think we most of us can agree there are a few promising singers in the mix including but not limited to Anthony Alexander, Moriah Formica and Chris Weaver have we really heard []

The Voice: Night Five of Blind Auditions Ends with a Four-Chair Turn

Adam Levine had a particularly good night.  ...

The Voice Recap: If the Shoe Fits...

Jennifer Hudson enthusiastic or disrespectful? Viewers of The Voice and readers of TVLines recaps have been arguing over the answer to that question since the beginning of Season 13s Blind Auditions. Some of you say that shes a showboating spotlight-stealer who thinks nothing of chattering through what are make-or-break performances for the []

The Voice Recap: Def, Fun and Blind

Just once, wouldnt you like to hear one of The Voices coaches tell a contestant, No way youre gonna make it through the Battles, but I hit my button before I realized, so why not join my team, anyway? It didnt happen in Tuesdays Night 3 of Season 13s Blind Auditions, and lets be []