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Hollywood Remembers The Wire & House Of Cards Actor Reg Cathey

Netflix is among those remembering Emmy-winning House of Cards and The Wire actor Reg Cathey , who died Friday at the age of 59. We are heartbroken by the passing of our friend and House of Cards colleague Reg E. Cathey, Netflix said in a statement. Reg was the kindest man, the most giving actor, a true gentlemen. Our sympathy goes to his family. Read more reaction below from House of Cards creator Beau Willimon, Samuel L. Jackson, Warren Leight, Miles Teller Michael  ...Read More...

The Wire and House of Cards Actor Reg E. Cathey Dies at 59

  Actor Reg E. Cathey has passed away at the age of 59. Cathey, most known for his baritone voice, appeared in the early seasons of House of Cards on Netflix and played prison guard Norman Wilson on HBO's critically acclaimed The Wire . His cause of death was not immediately available to press.   ...Read More...

The Wire Alum Michael K. Williams Joins Superfly Remake

Michael K. Williams has joined the cast of the Superfly remake from Sony, an individual with knowledge of the project tells TheWrap. Williams will play Scatter. Director X is directing based off a script by Alex Tse. Additionally, Esai Morales is joining the cast in the role of Adalberto. The original blaxploitation crime drama, which was directed by Gordon Parks Jr. and starred Ron ONeal as Priest, followed an African American cocaine dealer who tries to secure one more deal before getting out of the business for good.   ...Read More....

That Time Snoop Bought a Nail Gun on The Wire

If youve never seen The Wire then youre in for a real treat. Its like discovering a brand new show thats on television and you become completely addicted to it as you would any other show. I was like that with Breaking Bad. I never saw the show live, not once. Then I just binged watched the hell out of it a year after the show had completed and I was blown away. I highly recommend you do the same thing with The Wire. Many people who have watched it consider it to be one of their favorite shows of ...Read More... //

Six Feet Under, The Wire and More HBO Shows Leaving Amazon Prime

If youve been getting your vintage HBO fix from Amazon Prime as of late, weve got some bad news. A number of series including The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and The Wire will no longer be available on the streaming service as of Sunday, May 21. As reported byVulture, that date is exactly [] //

The Wire's Michael Kenneth Williams Reveals How to Honor the Show's Anniversary

  HBO's sprawling drama The Wire -- which TV Guide called the sixth best series of all time in 2013, though this writer disagrees with that placement and would rank The Wire higher -- turns 15 this year. The Wire premiered on June 2nd, 2002, and TV was never the same after. David Simon 's series took ...Read More...   //

The Wire Star Michael K Williams Says War on Drugs Is War on People of Color

The Wire star Michael K. Williams has penned an op-ed on the war on drugs in the United States, stating it is a war on people, specifically people of color. The war on drugs is a war on people and more specifically, black and brown people, whom it has sought to demonize and silence, criminalizing generations of youth of color and creating severe drug-sentencing laws ultimately to target and incarcerate communities of color, he said in a letter for CNN on the 45th anniversary of the war on drugs.   Read More... //

The Wire Creator David Simon Slammed For Using N-Word in Tweet About Sean Hannity

David Simon , the creator of The Wire, is being slammed for using the N-word in a tweet about Sean Hannity . Simon was weighing in on the upcoming Donald Trump town hall where he is set to address the issues facing African-Americans. The event will be hosted by Hannity on Wednesday. Hannity my n-, he tweeted, without the dashes. If they couldnt get Ta-Nehisi or Deray to host, then who but you on the pulse of black America?  Read More... //

Michael K. Williams says his time on 'The Wire' was like college

Michael K. Williams is everywhere these days. If hes not popping up in the Ghostbusters reboot, hes appearing in HBOs new series The Night Of . Everything still comes back to Omar Little, however. The Wire s gay, shotgun-slinging stick-up artist was the role that first...   Read More... //