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Who Killed Kenny?

Top Chef did! Based on Restaurant Wars, yes he should go home. Kenny is a better chef than Former-Drug-Addict-Girl (so sorry, can't remember her name) and Alex (the pea-puree-caper). Soon, Angelo will fall from grace because he needs Kenny to push him to crank out conceptually great dishes. I am rooting for Kevin and Tiffany and Ed...Angelo's sneakiness and lack of versatility (cook something other than Asian cuisine, please) will come to a head.

Top Chef: And This is Why You Don't Take Advice From Losers - Featured

Spoilers Included I can't believe that another season (cycle?) of Top Chef has already concluded! So...let's talk finale. 1. Stefan - Stefan had been built up the entire season as the clear frontrunner. Would it have been anticlimactic if he easily nabbed the title...as he had done so many times before? Or...because the Bravo editing team worked so hard to vilify Stefan throughout the season..did you never actually expect him to win? 2. Carla - I have to tell you, never in a million years did I expect Carla to make it as far as she did. I never even saw her as a threat, until she came out of nowhere the last few weeks as a serious contender and by far the best female chef of the season. I honestly went into the finale thinking Carla might actually win the whole thing... until they brought Casey onto the show and she ruined everything! I've got to tell you, I have a new found hatred for Casey! I always loved her during her respective season and was crushed when she screwed up her own finale. And of course, it was Carla's prerogative to take Casey's advice - which left her with some uninspired steak made in plastic wrap and the ill-fated bleu cheese souffle. Regardless - if Casey wasn't there - things may have turned out very differently. So congratulations Casey - you have now f'ed up both your own finale and Carla's. 3. Hosea - Hosea always presented himself as one of the stronger contenders of the season, but then again, the Bravo editing team never really highlighted much of Josea's personality beyond liking Leah and hating Stefan. We never grew that attached to him, nor were we particularly rooting for him. Thus, with his ultimate win - my reaction was...indifference. So...do you think the right person won? Were you as crushed about Carla as me (what an upset that would have been!)? And for the easiest question of all...who should/will win fan favorite on next week's reunion?

Top Chef: Who Will Make the Final Four? - Featured Discussion

Spoilers Included I don't know about you guys, but I found last night's Top Chef elimination kind of surprising. While every time that Fabio opens his mouth and says something like: "I'm 30 years old and I have to sleep in the bunky bed." or "There is no reason to eat vegetables when there's meat and fish around." or "If they're going to give me monkey ass to fill with fried bananas, I'll come up with something." ...it adds infinite entertainment value to the program, I can't help but feeling like Fabio's ship has sailed. The man has been sliding by week after week, and I am beginning to think the show is intentionally keeping him around purely for his entertainment value. I completely disagreed with last night's elimination. Jeff was definitely in my list to make it to the end... So, now that he's not here, who do you think will make the Final 4? The Final 2? We have remaining: Stefan, Josea, Carla, Leah, Jamie and Fabio. Make your predictions. Also, check out People Magazine's interview with Jeff . Image courtesy of bravotv.com

Top Chef ep 4 where is it?

Anyone know where I can find this episode?

Where is Top Chef Episode 4?!?!!?

Where the hell is this episode? Seems like every week it takes two/three days for the new episode to upload some where. Help me out Sidereel I do not have cable and this is one of my favorite shows.

Where oh Where

Can I find a place to watch Top Chef :( I really really want to see it but I can't find it on youtube or any torrents.. Any help would be appreciated :D

Top Chef season 3

Does anyone know where I can watch top chef season 3 episodes online because all the ones here I cant see.