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Torchwood question

I am new to the show. Can someone tell me how or why Jack is immortal or what episode I need to watch.

Spoilers - please stop ruining shows for everyone else!

Could I ask that viewers stop putting all the detail of what happens in each episode in the comments area? It spoils things for those of us who have not seen the finale (like me!). I was really disappointed to read about what happened in the comment prior to this one so please do not do it - or, at least, warn people if you intend to reveal a major plot point so that they have the option of not reading your comments. Thanks.

sorry to see them go.

Just watched (EXIT WOUNDS) final epsiode, and i am kinda sad to see Tosh and Ownen both be taken out. Hopefully we will see a season 3, with all this speculation on Jack not coming back(john barrowman). This is a great show, althouigh they can overdo the whole gay thing too much. Have enjoyed it alot, will miss TOSH and OWNEN, hope to see a next season. Texas yank

Series 3?

Anyone know whether series three has got the go ahead yet? Or if JB is gonna be in it?

Exit Wounds

That was great! Its the end of the season someone always has to die. That is how scifi is. John B has to come back for the next season!

Exit Wounds

Just in case anyone wanted to know, someone has posted the Torchwood finale over at youtube.com. So far there are 7 parts. Here's the link to the first... I'm guessing this is ok to post here. Hope so. :)

jack quitting?

Okay I heard a nasty rumor that Jack is quitting the series? is that true anyone?

switching partners

Naoko Mori, wow, what a change from Ab-Fab (tity..). Very homo-erotic. I'm expecting even better story lines. I believe this show will step up this season!

dr who

26th of octobre = doctor who

Not here :(

The latest episode hasn't been put up :( They moved the times and it was on last night