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Thank you dedicated fans!

I'd just like to say THANK YOU TRUE BLOOD FANS. I've been keeping an eye on the SideReel top 10 and every week True Blood is still up there even through the season has finished. We may not be no.1 but has anyone seen Gossip Girl in the top 10 as soon as their season ends?? Nope. Didn't think so. :) I think it shows the awesome dedication to the show. So to everyone who religiously checks the discussions and news, and re-watches episodes...Thanks. :P So why is True Blood so addictive? I've asked myself the question many times and I have trouble distinguishing one answer. Of course Eric comes to mind a lot - ha-ha - but it's more than that. The characters are complex, their is a lot of humor and despite the blood and guts - literally - that are splashed around most episodes, the show is beautifully written. So, what do you think? Why is True Blood so addictive?

Damon outrunning Stefan?

Being about Vampires it's hard not to compare Vampire Dairies to all the Supernatural Shows I watched recently..most recently of course True Blood. Watching VD is a substitute after being cut off of a great Show and making me wonder how far this substiute is going to be like True Blood. Whenever I watch the Show, though Paul Wesley is doing a good job playing Stefan, I keep feeling like Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is going to get more interesting than Stefan will ever be. Why I am comparing it to True Blood in this matter? Simple, because thats exactly what happened with Eric and Bill. Though Bill was supposed to be the Hero and "good" Vampire I dare to say Eric is far more interesting and appealing than Bill. Seems like most People are preferring the "bad" Vampire character. I like Vampire Dairies, although it could increase its pace a little; after watching every Episode I feel like i only got worth 15min of Information and story out of it. Watching yesterdays Episode "Haunted" made me feel like I felt when I started suspecting a soon-to-be involvement of Eric in Sookie's life (and not because she's a telepath, but 'cause he is very much interested in her and not able to realize it). Damon was already showed to us, once, stroking Elena's face as if feeling deep emotions towards her and today, when he ordered her to leave after she slapped him, it just seemed like there was more to his words..he was afraid he might hurt her, because she's bleeding maybe? Remember when Stefan smelled Elina's blood first time and involuntarily changed? Damon didn't even flinch. Of course he is used to human blood and not deprived like Stefan but I would like to follow my instinct and say there might be more significance to this. And not to forget his big Entrance when Elina wanted her brothers memory to be erased. Before anyone might say, Damon acted out of guilt..remember Damon is not likely the guy to feel guilty because he realizes he made something wrong and the girl he desires point it out to him...Stefan tried many times the "guilt-trip-therapy" with Damon and all it got him was more troubles Damon shoved at him. I don't know if this is just wishful thinking, 'cause I like Damon, but I really got the feeling he is gonna make Vampire Dairies the reason to watch it, just like Eric magically won over the audience. Keep in mind Ladies and Gentlemen its us who give the writers the inspiration and somehow the direction as to what we would like to see next in the story, so tell your Opinions: What do you think? Is there a Chance Damon will succeed, like Eric did, to win you over? Is he going to outrun Stefan? More so, do you think him or Eric would be the more interesting Character?

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Just had a thought: V for World Domination?

We've gained some insight, this season, into the amorous effect that vampire blood has on other beings (i.e. Bill>Sookie, and Eric>Sookie & Lafayette)...so now I'm curious: Wouldn't the effect of vampire blood make the receiver more susceptible to the vampire donor's influence? If so, perhaps that is why the queen is having Eric sell V to humans: to subtly bring about vampire control. Other thoughts: Now that we know Sookie's supernatural blood affects vampires, could her blood (and that of others like her) be used to counteract the effect of V? Also, are shape shifters (like Sam) & other supernaturals influenced by vampire blood or Sookie's special sauce? If this blood thing is significant, I wonder whose blood trumps all... What do you guys think about the significance of blood (V and others) in the story? Could there be a "blood battle" a-brewin'?

Umm...Have I Been Glamoured? Gee...Thanks Alan Ball... *UPDATED*

WOW...after watching this epi last night, I was speechless... I was debating about writing anything, but I've gathered my thoughts, so I'll say a few words...don't shoot me fellow fans, I'm just trying to work through all of this... First of all...this used to be a well-written show, right? I mean, I'm not sure now...maybe I got caught up in the hype or something. After last night's finale, I find myself wondering if I've actually been glamoured, this whole time, by how different the show is, the exciting situations presented (those two things can be, mostly, attributed to the books, right?), and the quality of acting, so much, that I didn't actually see the quality and consistency of the writing for what it really was. Maybe I'm expecting too much...I will probably have to go back and watch previous epis to see now. Maybe the show should have just followed the books...I'll have to read them now to see what's what, but I'm assuming they're much better than what I saw last night...idk...I'm just tryin to understand 'yall... Anti-climactic, anti-climactic , anti-climactic... See, the bad thing about hyping up an epi so much, is that when it doesn't deliver, it's worse than if it had just been aired without all the preceding streamers & fireworks. Even after the steady decline of the show over the last few episodes (the last epi, in particular), I still retained some hope that the show would actually end on a good note...but I was let down again . The beginning was funny and somewhat engaging...I even laughed at Maryann a few times...but THEN, the Queen scene showed up and doused cold water on everything, and it was downhill from there. Eric even looked miserable in that scene (and, yes, I know he was supposed to be timid around her b/c of her supposed age, power, and prestige, etc., but even he seemed bored), and I couldn't help wondering if AS wasn't wincing inside, the entire time, due to her acting. I was giving ERW another chance to show her stuff this week- thinking that, perhaps, her last performance had been a fluke- but honestly, her acting is so bad that even the reveal, that the queen had Eric selling V, was not interesting (and it should have been). THEN they had the nerve to let that be all we see of Eric in the ENTIRE epi?! What the...? Yet, even after that yawn-worthy interlude, I still had a glimmer of hope that the show would recover, and I'd regain the interest I had during the first several minutes...but alas, no...apart from the few moments I was pi**ed off when I thought they were going to kill off Sam, the show just, honestly, sucked. I was shocked to see Sam was the bull, but other than that, even the witch's death was anti-climactic. Oh, and then Eggs...while I wasn't surprised to see them kill him off, Sookie's trip inside his mind was as anti-climactic and unrevelatory as the one during Tara's exorcism. I mean, we ALREADY KNEW he had killed the fake voodoo lady & Daphne, and had just stabbed Sam, but what about where he & Maryann hooked up and what happened at that site w/the blood on the rock?* They could have given us more than that...and even Bill proposing to Sookie didn't move the needle any past "Blah"...maybe it's just me, but the fact that we heard so much about their real-life engagement kind of made this less interesting to me...as well as the fact that the rest of the epi was just UGH, and also, the fact that (although Bill's nice) I'm more Team Eric & Sookie, now, so...they should have had Eric send her the pretty purple dress. *Update: "Blood on the Rock" Mystery Solved OK, so the blood on the rock was from the fake voodoo lady (thanks vickachkaa and thetravellerjohn21)...this fun-fact still renders the mind-trip anticlimactic, since there was nothing interesting or intriguing revealed...regarding Eggs' past: I guess that was explained away by his stating that he had done a lot of bad things in his past and had paid that debt/done his time, or whatever...but the whole thing was rushed, and could have been more interesting if the writers had really tried to make it so... Other thoughts about this crap: And what about the soft-drink ads during the show? Could they BE anymore obvious? (Actually, the fact that they were shameless plugs was almost funny.) And, then, those two random ladies...why were they there? I guess it doesn't really matter since it was all mostly crap anyway, but still, I would have rather seen Eric (away from the queen) or some of the other series regulars talking. I will give props, of course, to Lafayette & Jason for the bits of comedy they provided (I miss funny Andy...the writers suck :( ), but no actor, and no jokes, could turn this sh*t into sunshine. Well, I guess the good thing is that, while I will watch the show when it returns next season, I definitely won't be on pins and needles waiting for it, so I guess I should thank Mr. Ball for eliminating that discomfort: Gee...thanks Alan Ball... : P I hope this epi's title isn't the writing on the wall for the show's future, but if the writing is going to continue in this vein, then it's all tapped out (all puns intended), and I'll have to siphon my entertainment (yes, I actually said that :O ) from somewhere else. : ( This has been dedicated to Benedict "Eggs" Talley: Goodbye, Eggs...I will miss you and your sexy self... : (

Read the books!!!

I have to say. It was a good season finale. But i wish there was at least two more showes left. Thank god im reading the books already on book #7. its getting so good. I have to say i really like the books better then the show. dont get me wrong the show is great. but i wish they would stick with the book a little more. maryanne is gone finally it was time for her to go. in the book she came and went. not only that her and sam was with each other a few times. can't wait for next season.

Book People Please

I can't believe these seasons are so short. I hate having to wait a year for my favorites TB and weeds (the end was good, the story line for the season, not so great. Except for some boring parts at the church, this season topped season 1. I loved it. I really didn't get the thing between Eric and the Queen,(when she attacked him) maybe people who have read the books can enlighten me I hope there won't be a whole year wait until Season three, not to be a spoiler, but there were multiple endings that will be continued for most of the characters.

Ugh... I NEED to see the finale...

They kept me an hour later at work for inventory so I just barely missed it :( Please Internet Gods, I pray to thee, give me mine True Blood Finale! :/