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...in one of the early episodes didn't we see Sam WITH that dog on his porch? Or am I remembering things totally wrong? Yes I guessed a long time ago he was a shifter or were-creature, but this is odd.

Discuss: Favorite New Show of the Season

As I watched last night's new episode of True Blood (check out the Kendra's review of the episode here )!, it occurred to me that this is one of the few new shows of the new season that I really, truly, like. In fact, I'd say it's my favorite new show of the season! It's quite original - I feel like there's nothing else on TV quite like it (whereas even if you are a fan of Fringe ...there's also Eleventh Hour ). The world that Alan Ball is portraying here is so twisted and fascinating (and at times grotesque)...that I really can't stop watching! It's the only new show that has fully drawn me in. So...my question to you all is...which new show has done it for you? Which new show do you most look forward to the next new episode? You can check out our New TV Shows Page to see the complete list, but some options include: True Blood The Mentalist Fringe 90210 Privileged Sons of Anarchy Kath and Kim My Own Worst Enemy Crusoe Life on Mars Eleventh Hour Gary Unmarried Discuss!

did they leave out bubba?

wasn't bubba the one who watched sookie when bill went away in book 1? awwww sad. i like bubba

Where do you watch?

I was wondering where most people watch True Blood. Do you all have HBO? Are you watching through some of the provided links? If so, which ones are the best, or most reliable? I notice many request you to download or install things. Love this show. Started with the books first, before I realised it was becoming a tv show. I have read most of the books. All but three. Looking forward to continuing with both the show, and Charlaine Hariss' books. Thank you. Salena

who is the blue-eyed woman? POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

I found this on youtube... Anyone know who she is or is supposed to be?

Sam Merlotte

So I haven't read any of the books but I believe Sam's character is going to be a werewolf. Any opinions?

Dentists ahoy!

Ok, this has been bugging me since the beginning of the show. Am I the only one who notices that the vampire fangs in this show are not where they should be? Fangs are the canines, and not the lateral incisors (this is who the teeth where the creators put the fangs are called). I really can't understand why would they do that. It's clearly not a simple mistake, because a show that's that thought through can't just have not noticed such an important detail. But it really grates on my nerves.


I found last weeks episode to be a very good one.I have to say the love seen with sookie and bill to be very extreme and i was very shocked but like usual stuff like that ALWAYS keeps me coming back every sunday to watch it ...I also have to mention that im kinda happy for sookie's brother...he is maybe finally getting his shit together and stayin with one girl but at the same time he has to get over his V issue or that will start to cause him a hole heck of alot of problems in the future and oh i saved the best for last ....my sources tell me that THERE IN FACE WILL BE A SEASON 2 BUT NOT TILL THE SUMMER


Like I said in a previous post I didn't think they were going to have his character on the show. I must say I was quite amused how they played him out. I thought the eric in bills bath was a big "i can take what you have if you disobey me" statement. HILARIOUS. I do wish they did have Bubba though seeing as how he is one of Sookies most trusted vamp friends. Oh well. Show is great. I love it.

Why was Bill naked in the ground?

Did he take his clothes off at home and then tip toe over to the graveyard in his birthdaysuit? =P He usually leaves his clothes on when he sleeps right?