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true blood problems.......

how can i watch episode 1? there is no link or movie to start. over seas here and just finished first season- dont think i can wait another year for them to air it here (australia)

True Blood 2.1: Did you think the Premiere was Fangtastic? - Featured

We finally got our summer obsession of True Blood back for its much awaited and hyped Season 2 with the premiere, ' Nothing But the Blood '! (Speaking of hype, have you participated in SideReel's Ultimate Vampire Face-off yet?) But vampire battle aside, did the Season 2 premiere live up to the hype and your love of Season 1? There were plenty of thrilling and shocking True Blood moments I absolutely loved like discovering the red nail polished toenails belonged to the dead and horrified Miss Jeanette and not Lafayette, then Lafayette beard-clad in a super creepy vampire basement. The Sookie-Bill sex was not so bad either, though I'm sure the men enjoyed that more than the ladies, or anyone who truly is into the bloody part of this show - wow on that factor. Overall the above revelations, the murder investigation, and the peeks into Sam's past with Mary Ann were pretty fangtastic and up to True Blood standards, but I did feel like the episode was a little slow. I suppose that should be expected after the crazy last few episodes of last season, so did you feel like the episode was too slow or was it just right and plenty full of True Blood shockers and goodness for you? Share your thoughts on the episode and your predictions for the big Season 2!

First Episode!?!

Not trying to be impatient, but when might this episode be posted? I need zee True Blood fix.