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True Blood Predictions: How will Season 2 End? - Featured

As the holiday weekend approaches, I ponder whether I'd rather have the extra day off to enjoy the weekend or if I'd rather have the True Blood finale episode on Sunday! After catching up on last week's lead-up episode to the finale, " Frenzy ," I'm a little bummed the episode itself wasn't great, but am even more anxious to see how on earth all the new drama of Season 2 will wrap up when the finale finally airs Sept 13! It seems as if the Light of Day drama won't be returning, but instead the finale will be focused on the battle for Bon Temps between Sookie and crew and MaryAnn. As Bill discovered during his annoyingly long visit with the queen, maenads like MaryAnn have imagined their immortality, but that alone has made it true. Also, she'll only be appeased when this possibly made up god appears and is happy with her sacrifice. Obviously, as we saw from Jason and Sam's attempts, a fake god won't cut it, so how will Bill find a way for the god to appear? Does Sam actually need to be sacrificed? Will Sookie's newly uncovered powers be what can rule over the evil of MaryAnn? While I've come to love True Blood even more this season, I'm a little worried that all of this won't come to a satisfactory conclusion. What do you predict will happen and is there a difference between what you imagine will happen and what you'd like to happen? Also, being the end of a season, it's not all about conclusions but also the cliffhanger opening to the next season, so what kind of cliffhanger will we end up with? Share your thoughts and predictions as we impatiently await the finale!


i am just in luvvv with eric! i heard dat in the book eric and sookie is togetherrr is this true? if so, give me details~ also do you guys want them to be together?? lots and lots of opinions please!! want to hear from all of the fan out there :)

Wow, That Was...Not Good... ("Frenzy," Season 2, Episode 11) *UPDATED*

Ok, my fellow True Blood fans may not agree with me, but I've got to say it: this epi was the WORST True Blood episode that I believe I've seen. Maybe I've been spoiled by the quality of the show overall, but the writing, direction, and much of the acting in this episode was downright horrible. Here's the Good, Bad, Ugly...and the Crazy about "Frenzy": The Good: Eric, Lafayette & The Vampire Crew* (now w/Jason & Andy : ) The best scenes in this epi were those with Eric and/or Lafayette in them, and if they had just clipped those together* and aired them, that would have been better than the entirety of this episode. Speaking of Eric, what is he doing? Recruiting for his new vampire posse or something? Between Sookie & Lafayette, he is really laying it on thick with all the vampire recruitment visions. It's fun though, and I'm so glad that, at least, we had him & Lafayette to make the show watchable. Eric creeped me out again, though: last week, it was how he looked just before attacking Sookie's neck, and this week it was him with the kids (who were cute & funny btw...esp the lil boy) ...but he's a vampire (I know) and those scenes were a mix of humor and creepiness, which is to be expected on this show, so... Oh, btw, I'm glad Pam is back...she was funny, as usual. Did I mention that Eric was looking Sharp & Sexy, suited up like that, and that I am so happy to see him back in full effect this week? Because he was and I am... : ) *UPDATE: I originally wrote this after having experienced considerable difficulty in getting to watch the epi (finally did after 1 am this morning), and all this after the regular one week wait...plus, having read and watched promos for the Queen's intro for almost the past month, and having read last week that Alan Ball was actually writing this episode, to say that I was eagerly anticipating it would be an understatement. I was tired, but finally the long-awaited moment came...THEN, to have those Queen scenes at the beginning and a weak show, overall, I was p*$$ed off, to say the least. After getting some rest & watching it (a better copy) again this evening, I was able to appreciate some more of the humor in the episode...namely Jason & Andy's, so I would have to add their scenes to the aforementioned clip : ) The Bad: The Queen Un. im. pressed. I know the character was supposed to be eccentric and decadent, but her acting left MUCH to be desired. I will say that the wardrobe/design/photography people did a fantastic job for those scenes, b/c they were visually stunning. It turns out the pics and buildup for the queen and her court were better than the actual scenes themselves, though...as a whole, they were pretty anticlimactic and boring. I felt sorry for Bill (and Stephen Moyer) for being stuck there, and would have to say that he was the best thing about them. Next to the queen, the quality of his acting really stood out...the disparity b/w the two was painfully obvious...oh, and did I mention that Bill looked Hot when he was lounging by that pool? Because he did... The Ugly*: Maryann the Maened Talking about my disdain for, and weariness of, Maryann's presence on the show has become cliche, so I won't say any more about it this week...other than what I just said, that is...I have to say, though, her scenes just make me go "Ugh"...ok, that was it... *Btw, I am referring to the character's evil ways and overexposure, not the actress's looks...Michelle Forbes is, obviously, a beautiful person. The CrAzY: Tara's Crazy Love & Other Loony Toon Adventures (The Big 'Ole Egg too) I understand the concept of "standing by your man," but I have to say, her going back to that witch with just her love & good intentions was the most dumba** thing she could have done...Sookie was right on when she told her she was being an f'ing idiot. Speaking of Tara & Sookie, there was a bit of overacting with them this week, but it wasn't unlike that of others in this epi...maybe it was the direction, but there was definitely something SERIOUSLY OFF about the overall quality of the show this week. Speaking of crazy, the scenes w/Maryanne's loony toon minions was overkill this week...I mean c'mon...enough already. And how could I POSSIBLY forget the icing on top of all this lunacy? In the end, we see Tara & Benedict joyfully building a nest around this humongous egg in the middle of the bed. What. the. h*!!? This s/l has definitely gone off the deep end (I wonder, though, if this is the spawn of Maryann and Sam...remember they mated? That'd be a pretty long gestation period, but they are supernatural...and, really, how could that possibility be any crazier than the rest of this wacky s/l?). Other Thoughts*: I loved the standoff b/w Bill & Eric...can we say Hotness? I'm glad they gave Bill some leverage against Eric, b/c they had been making him look like a punk for a while this season, and that is not sexy. I hope Hoyt goes back to Jessica...I know she bit his mom, but honestly, she deserved it...turns out, she is one horrible person. Andy & Jason did the best they could with the crap writing they got for this epi, but honestly, even they couldn't turn crap into Christmas...(I know, I know...I couldn't come up w/anything else : ) *As I stated in the update, I was a little PO'd after watching this the first time. Also, the recording I watched missed the last 6-7 minutes of the epi, so I missed the Eric/Bill standoff initially. After watching this a second time, I realized that Jason did have some pretty good lines, and although Andy didn't get to exercise his funny chops as much as he has been, I did enjoy their scenes...so as I pretty much said before, while they did a great job with what they were given to work with, they still weren't able to change the fact that the overall epi was Craptastic. Bottom Line: I expected better from you Alan Ball (Mr. True Blood creator, producer, and writer of this shotty episode) ...a whole lot better.

just wanna watch and go to sleep

why is it taking so freaking long to find the links!! jeez usually their up by like 8 o clock but this is just annoying now. i wanna watch true blood NOWWWWW!!!