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what the heck

Ok so now sookie has two vamps and a wolf after her heart?????? Why does everyone depretly want to be with her, she cant be human? right? And now Bill is gone????? He doesnt even care that she is in danger?????? He just left her to DIE? he would rather have her dead in the ground then be with him? i dont get it, he was supposedlly doing this to save her and now he lets her die?

9 Crimes - They really put some thought into this season.

Where do I start... oh yeah: Awesome! Just watched the new episode, thank God, two weeks was enough waiting. Not only did this episode offer some new cool stuff to get excited over this week, but it stayed "tru" to what we love about this awesome show. Here are a few things I would like to hear your thoughts on (no, can't hear them, just write) : Bill breaking up with Sookie and I quote "We fucked like only two vampires could". Haha, had to LOL at that line. Bill's behavior might be explained by the fact that he wants Lorena out of his life. Is that his motive? does he still want to get back with Sookie after he gets rid of his maker? I think the writers made a good job by separating Sookie and Bill, altought it was kind of expected, this gives the show and them some room to breathe, to create new plot lines. It adds to the excitement and gives us the chance to speculate how they'll get toghether again. Question: Will Sookie have a relationship with Alcide? and what role will Eric play in all this? Btw, Eric's fantasies rock! to bad it was only wishful thinking and didn't actually happen. How do you think Hoyt and Jessica's situation will evolve?. And did you see the baby-vamp videos on youtube Jessica made, I think she has a blog too, can't remember the adress though.


I love eric and sookie together. but bill is so terrible he asked her to marry her. I belive bill still have feelings for her.That ohter man he is super hot i don't think sookie likes him that way.