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Ugly betty

I can't open up any of the links to watch ugly betty S03E02. Anyone know any where else i can watch it?

Betty's Back! What do you think of Betty's choice?

At the end of last season of Ugly Betty we were left with the jumbo-cliffhanger: Would Betty choose getting engaged to Henry and moving to Tucson, going to Italy with Gio or neither? And so finally we got our answer in the Season 3 premiere! *Spoiler Alert!* It seemed pretty well set up for the possibility of her choosing neither of the guys considering her circumstances, so I wasn't very surprised, with this choice for Betty, but after the premiere, I think this choice is going to be the most fun and interesting to watch play out. In the first season, we met Betty who was on the road to finding herself, her confidence, her career path, and yes, love. I want happiness for this dear character, so if it had seemed best for her to choose a guy, that would've been great, but I think leaving her options and story so open like this is much more exciting and great for the show! So do you agree? Was this a good choice for Betty or do you wish she'd gone with either Henry or Gio? Check out SideReel's full review of the premiere: Ugly Betty Premiere: The Manhattan Project... of Doom? Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

Premiere Week Fav TV Couples: What will happen with JAM, Mer-Der, and Betty?

With the big premieres of some of our fav fall shows this week, specifically the thrilling premieres of Thursday, there are plenty of edge-of-your-seat couple questions to be answered! So, what are your predictions of what's to come this season for these in-limbo couples? The Office Couples: *What will happen with Jim & Pam? Has JAM gotten engaged over the summer? (If so, we must kill the writers!) Has Jim gotten discouraged or is he waiting for the next perfect moment to propose? Will Pam be feeling uneasy and getting unhappy with Jim if he hasn't proposed? *What will happen with Angela/Dwight/Andy? Ah, yes, Andy - the evil ruiner of all that is good and JAM! His proposal to Angela may have destroyed the perfect JAM night, but it didn't ruin Dwight's night as much as we would think! *How about Michael? Will he and Holly get together or will Michael's non-fatherhood with Jan destroy it? Grey's Anatomy Couples: *What happened after the Mer-Der cliffhanger of Meredith proclaiming her love and Derek running away to break things off with Rose? *Promos show Rose telling Derek she's pregnant - where will this take them? *What will happen with George and Lexie? *How about our new fav couple possibility, Callie and Erica?? Ugly Betty Couple(s): *Yes, this one's pretty straight-forward - who will Betty choose? Henry? Gio? No one? Comment with your predictions as we await these thrilling couple answers (or hints thereof!) with their returns Thursday night! Photo courtesy of dundermifflinpaper.blogspot.com


can somebody put up more links for the episodes? i mean i don't have itunes and i'm not that desprate to download it.

Im not made of money.

Ok,can someone put up links that i don't have to pay for at itunes. I don't have lots of money.

What happened to all the episodes?

Just wondering if anyone knows why all of the links have disappeared. If anyone knows anything let me know!!!

The new season?

When does the new season of Ugly Betty come? I can't wait anymore... xD I wan't to know what happens with Betty.. Who does she choose ? :D And Daniel and the little kid... OMG ... xD

ugly betty

I love that i can watch the show on your site it is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gio or Henry?

Who does everyone think she picked? I Gio but I keep thinking what if she doesn't pick either of them and just goes somewhere random to get away from it all. She needs to pick Gioooo. What does everyone think??

henry? gio? huh?

OMG!!!! i hope its gio!!i love him hes like perfect or her. its sooooooooooooooooo adorable how he feels or her when she doesnt know it. ugh i cant wait til next season! this is tourture